Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is coming!

Bonjour la famille!

So this week was great!  Things moved slowly but surely along, I had 2 exchanges that I did this week one right after the other on Thursday then Friday.  The first day I brought Elder Lever down with me in Basse-Terre.  It was a great learning experience.  He has been having a great mission and has learned a bunch.  So I just sat back and tried to learn all I could.  At the end of the day we went to go get some bokits at the boardwalk along the beach.  Elder Lever showed me how it was done contacting people.  He is very comfortable talking with everyone.  I am going to try to apply some things I learned from him and hopefully some miracles come out of it.  I tried applying some stuff the very next day with Elder Johnston (not Stewart-Johnson it was another exchange)  We once again went down to the boardwalk (all the other missionaries are dying to have the bokits from Basse-Terre for some reason) but as we were sitting down and eating, Elder Johnston and I were having a deep, reflecting conversation about the mission and I leaned over and just started talking to a man sitting on the bench next to us.  I simply said "Hi, how are you?"  He replied simply and we both went back to eating then he turned to me and asked, "What does God think about father's who don't like their children and abandon them?"  It was one of those great questions of the soul that us missionaries are just praying to hear.  I had a prompting to turn the conversation a little away from the depressing thought and more to the importance and blessings of families.  We had a great conversation and I gave him a Book of Mormon with a Christmas card talking about the "He is the Gift" video of the church. A while later his friend came and kind of turned us down and took a lot away from the spirit, which is why we weren't able to get a return appointment or a way to contact him. but afterwards I felt great.  I felt like I did what the Lord had sent me there to do and it was very satisfying.

Then in church there were 30 people that came to the group!  I was so happy!  We even had a young couple show up that I had invited form our English class, who are married, actually married!  And they were incredibly accepted and integrated by the members.  Their daughter had a great time and didn't want to leave! haha  It was the best!  But not only that, The Pommier family came as well, and the Duflo family! During the Sunday School lesson they were the ones who participated the most!  At the end of the day I was just filled with love for these amazing people as well as gratitude to the Lord for having heard my prayers and fasts.

Today we all are going to watch the movie Frozen at 4:00 and then have dinner at a member's house at 6:00. All the new missionaries that have seen it aren't too excited for the movie, but the rest of us are super pumped to see it.  We've heard a lot about it.

I can't wait to talk to you all on Wednesday, have a great couple days!
I love you lots!!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Fr. Potan and me with his Christmas lights

The decorations we have in our car

Monday, December 15, 2014

Exciting news from the Mission President!

Bonjour Ma Famille!

So big news first, no, not the tooth, I'll get to that later. But President Mehr just announced, if you havent heard already:

"I have been authorized to announce by the First Presidency that as of July 1, 2015 the West Indies Mission will be split. The new missions will be named Trinidad Port of Spain Mission and the Barbados Bridgetown Mission. 

The Trinidad Mission will consist of Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana and the ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela.

The Barbados Mission will consist of the Islands north of Trinidad already in the mission including French Guiana that is part of the Guadeloupe District."

So that's pretty big. Too bad I won't be seeing it. They will split the mission the day I leave. So instead of 1 new mission president coming in, we'll get 2. As for me, I'll just fly home on the same plane as President Mehr, which should be fun!

Well zone conference was great. I got to see everybody, Elder Miyasaki was there, Elder Fraley, Elder Lewis,  it was great. I also had to be the translator for the second half of the zone conference. Not much else happended during the week. We had to stay up with the Capesterre Elders in order to get to Zone conference, then District Conference the next day Saturday and then Sunday.

The tooth that's loose is one of the ones that have no permanent teeth behind it.  So much for making it through the mission with them right?  But it's not right in the front so if it falls out I won't look too much like a hillbilly.  Since the dentist says it won't be a problem I'll wait until I get home to fix it.  Don't really want holes being drilled into my head here in Guadeloupe!

You aren't going to like it but I am out of time, I took all my time trying to send those pictures. I could probably Skype at 5 o'clock my time which would be 2 o'clock your time in Utah. I'll keep watching the tooth and update you!

Love you lots!
A bientot!

Me and Elder Stewart-Johnson

I got to translate for the 2nd half of zone conference.  It was a bit tough, but really fun!

My original district and MTC room mates reunited!  The other guy is Jonathan Bonbon, my Branch President's son who came for the zone conference. He is preparing to leave on a mission. We invited him to jump in with us.

We took a picture of the "Miyasaki Family" all the people he trained were all together and then of course Elder Stewart-Johnson who I'm training.  So good seeing Elder M again!

Great seeing Elder Fraley again too!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Companion

Bonjour ma famille!

Well I guess I'll get to the questions off the bat.

My new companion's name is Elder Stewart-Johnson, he's great!  I like him a lot!  Yes, I misspelled his name last week, actually I didn't know half of it...  He's from Arlington Texas.  We are going to have a good time together, I feel like he's already trained haha, all I have to do is help him with his French!

They did open the package, they opened the wrapped socks then re-taped it up, not sure what they were taking out of the socks but it had a note  in there about something glass. But all the others were still wrapped up.

So first off I am District Leader, and well, not too much has changed with that other than I have to call in at nights to see how everyone is doing.  I won't be teaching any district meetings until next week so its not really too different so far.  Training is great.  It's different being the older compainon, I've only had companions that have been out longer than I have so its been easy for me if I ever have questions about anything, now its me that needs to answer all the questions.  Definitely a change of roles.  But its great.  Elder Stewart-Johnson is a great guy and full of energy haha!  He's ready to conquer the world and I think its a great thing.  He's ready to talk to everyone and is not afraid at all that he doesn't know French!  I think I'll be learning a lot from him.

The Pommiers are doing alright.  They were going to come to church this week but I'm not sure what happened yet.  Church was at Capesterre so it was a ways to go.  I'm still working on translating and haven't gotten the letter to her yet.

We saw a pretty cool miracle this week.  As I took Elder Stewart-Johnson to go get his first bokit on Guadeloupe, one of our really cool contacts happened to be working at the stall that sold it.  I was going to take him to a different place because I had gone to this particular stall a couple times but he told me, "nah lets just go here because you know its good."  So we did and it happened to be her first day on the job.  We contacted her (Tisha) a while back and couldn't get a hold of her.  So we were able to fix a rendezvous and we taught her the next day about the Book of Mormon and she really understood it and is going to pray about it!  Elder Stewart-Johnson has been making deals with everyone that he'll teach them English if they teach him French and we have been getting some good teaching opportunities from that!

Well I hope all is well on the mainland!  Hope you get some snow and save some for me, and tell Brianna not to forget to shave that beard, its getting pretty long ;)

je vous aime tous!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, December 1, 2014

Trainer and District Leader

Bonjour Maman/ ma famille

Well first things first, we got our transfer calls and there is going to be quite a bit that is changing...  No I'm not moving so don't worry abut that.  BUT Elder Drennan will be going up to Baie-Mahault to be with Elder Broadbent while Elder Santos goes home (*sad sniffle)  Elder Glover is going to be coming back up to Guadeloupe and is opening a new area in Petit Bourg with Elder Ehlert.  Elder Lever is coming up form Guyane to Capesterre to replace him.  The district is getting split into two, north and south.  As for me, I got called to be the district leader in the south district and I will also be training, my new companion will be Elder Johnson who is probably just getting into Trinidad at the mission home.  Its going to be a pretty crazy transfer to say the least!

Also I got the birthday packages!  Thanks everyone!  It was awesome!  I have so much cake I don't know what to do with it!  Also I got your letter for Sr. Pommier, I am working on translating it, the Google translation you sent was a bit interesting haha!

This week however was a good one.  Our numbers hadn't been the greatest recently, just trying to get a hold of people and finding people.  But this week we had a lot of exchanges because we had to make them up for the whole transfer.  But all the time that we had in the area we got to work.  Mostly we knocked doors, but we found some petty good people and yesterday at church a new member showed up that has two kids. One boy about to turn 12 this month, which means we'll have a deacon!  Woot!  The branch is really starting to progress and I am very excited.  I am also loving having Fr. Duflo as the Branch mission leader, its going to be fun!

I had a great party thanks to all of you and the birthday stuff, funny thing is, you sent me so many scripture marking supplies, but none of it was actually purple.... There was a purple pencil, but it just had normal pencil lead in it... haha!  I think its hilarious!  But don't worry, if I find time this week or the next I'm just going to go buy one thanks to the money I was given by Chris and Grandmère K! Thanks!

I would have loved to send you the picture of all the cakes that I have, but the pictures are being weird, hopefully you got that one you were wanting for the card I also hope it was what you were looking, it was the best I could do with the time I had.

I can't wait to talk to you all for Christmas!!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving is today!

Bonjour Ma famille!

Well today is Thanksgiving for us.  We are going to be having a meal right after I finish our emails.  All the missionaries are going to the church aux Abymes and we'll probably play some frisbee too.  Should be fun.

This week we had Branch conference, we all met at the Capesterre branch. Fr. Abenzoar got released as the Branch Mission Leader to be the 1st counselor in the branch and Fr. Duflo is now going to be our Dirigeant Missionnaire de Branche.  Afterwards we had a branch meal together.  My goal was to try all the homemade juices that people brought.  They were so good... Cherry was actually the best, I also hear that the Carribean Cherry is one of the healthiest fruits in the world :)

Then after that we had a missionary fireside. We watch the movie Finding Faith in Christ, then had a big activity thing.  We set the chairs up as a maze, blindfolded a member and sent them through as another member directed them through (acting as the Holy Ghost)  It was fun and it was different.  It was also pretty funny watching them trying to figure it out!

Yes, we should be Skyping on Christmas Eve.  The end of the transfer is on my Birthday, then people move areas the next Wednesday.  So when I find out who my companion is I'll be able to better plan it.

I really doubt that I would be moving, who knows?   From what I understand I should be staying here while Elder Drennan leaves.  There is talk of two new Tahitian missionaries coming and a new area being opened in petit Bourg on Basse-Terre (this half of the island, not my area)

The Pommier family is doing alright.  We were late getting to their house because of the English class we have on Wednesdays, they were about to leave when we got there (by Bouillante) they did let us give them a mini lesson at the door for about 10 minutes though.  They didn't make it to church because it was in Capesterre for Branch Conference.

I love all of you so very much as I always say but as always I always mean it! Haha  Thank you for the Birthday wishes and prayers!  Can't wait to talk to you next transfer!  I know that this church is true and I know that sometimes the Lord asks us to climb mountains, but from my small knowledge of the scriptures, I can't think of anytime that someone has climbed a mountain for the Lord and didn't receive some sort of miraculously spiritual experience.  I love the Lord and I am so very happy to be here to thank Him for all that He has done for me and for you guys!  Don't forget I love you too!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, November 17, 2014

Miracles on Sunday

Bonjour ma famille!

I'll get the questions done, that I can.

I am sure that I will be able to Skype on Christmas Eve, I haven't actually gotten permission yet but I there have been people that needed to do it on other days in the past.  Also because French Mother's Day is another day then American, they call on different days.

I have absolutely no idea what to get. Elder Drennan says he wants some cool-aid haha!  I really want those temple photos.  Some more socks would be good, church and regular kind, my socks have started disappearing recently.  And also, believe it or not, it has been getting a little chilly at nights... I was thinking that it would be nice to have a thin blanket of some kind.  Yes, yes, I know, its going to be pretty tough trying to get used to Utah weather again

This week went by pretty quickly, but we saw some pretty great miracles on Sunday!  This week as usual we saw the Pommier family and they said that they would come to church again, but this time they did!  It was so great!  I was so happy seeing them come into the church!!  Then the best part was how everyone in the group went up and hugged them and welcomed them back.  Fr. Potan is going to get the Melchizedek Priesthood in December as well, and we had enough priesthood holders at church that I didn't have to bless the sacrament, all I had to do in the meeting was give a talk, which went alright.  Not the best one, but I wasn't at all nervous, so I am getting better!  Funny story, I forgot about it until my morning prayer Sunday morning.  So I didn't write a whole bunch, I just found scriptures and got up and talked about my subject for 20 min.  It went by pretty quickly, I was talking about missionary work so it wasn't too hard.

I have been really enjoying me some origami recently, thanks mom! haha  I got the temple done, doesn't look to great and I don't have a photo of it sadly, but maybe I'll get it next week.

I also got two letters from Bro.and Sis. Olsen in the ward this week.  If you could thank them from me that would be great!

I am sorry about the length of the letter but I had a lot of other people that I needed to write this week, which was unusual.  Hopefully I will be able to have more time next week.  I feel great and am very hopeful, and I feel like we are going to see a lot more miracles coming to  Basse-Terre soon!

je vous aime tous!
avec amour,
Elder Call

I made some snacks while everyone was in the shower today. I felt very French!  Sr. Telcide taught me how to make them on Martinique, they're really good...

And yes, as you can see in the picture I got very sun burnt today.  We played soccer.  It was SOOO fun though.  Very muddy, very hot, but we had a good time!

Monday, November 10, 2014

One day vacation to Martinique

Bonjour ma famille!

So this week was indeed, pretty crazy.  Of course, the best part was my
one day vacation to Martinique.  While I was still serving in Martinique I
filled out my application for my carte de séjour (residence license)
and was waiting for them to get it made and prepared or whatever, when
I left.  And they don't like sending it by mail up to Guadeloupe.  So I
went down to go get it. Shucks.... ;)  It was great!  Elder Glover
picked me up from the airport, because they are working in Lamentin
now (they are closing the Ste. Luce area, which is pretty sad, but
makes sense) But I got to call everyone and say hello!  I called Dana,
who came to church again, I even called Tania!  Yes!  I did see her
before I left!  I actually found her a little while before I left, I
believe I mentioned her.... But she was incredibly prepared for the
gospel!  I had some of the greatest lessons with her!  And she
remembered me! Man, I was so happy when I heard she was baptized! I was there to teach her at least
the first 3 lessons and set a baptismal date with her, she had a
problem getting to church so she couldn't get baptized the week after I
left like she was going to, but she now goes to church every week and
he daughter is going to get baptized the 29 of November as well!!!  I
called Fr. Coiné, I saw Fr. Occulier at a coordination meeting (he
didn't even know that I had left haha) but I didn't get a hold of the
Martial family because their phone wasn't working.

This week we also did the District service project.  We went to the
Food Bank and cleaned it up and repainted it.  We were supposed to
clean out a river somewhere but didn't get permission or something and
last minute we did this, it worked out just great.  It was up in
Lamentin (the Guadeloupe one) and sadly we couldn't get very many
people up from Basse-Terre, but it was a lot of fun to talk to all the
other members on the island.  I was in charge of cleaning the windows.

Well I had some time to think about it, and there are a couple other
things that I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday:  I would like some
photos of temples, as many as you care to give me.  I want to be able
to hang them up places, give them to people, whatever.  I could also
use some more CD's, classical music or hymns (I don't think I can have
to much music), and its a little weird but I want an apron, just for
protecting my white shirt and tie while eat.  Other than that I have no

I love you all so very much, have a great week!!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Exchange with Elder Santos
(Did he know he was taking a picture??)

Halloween candy eye

The sandcastle I built last week

Working of Fr.Nirelep's kitchen

Feeding chickens with Fr. Duflo and Elder Drennen

Friday, November 7, 2014

No Monday letter?


Well, sorry I was unable to get a letter out to you yesterday, and I
realize that I told you that I would be emailing on Wednesday,
(Nope, he failed to mention that) 
and that today is Tuesday... But this was the only time that we could find
to email.  Pday was rough.  We went up to Deshaies to do a zone
devotional.  So we drove a good hour and a half up to a beach and
everybody else got stuck in traffic.  By the time they got there we had
to leave, but as we were waiting I did build a pretty awesome
sandcastle that I took pictures of that I hopefully will send next
week.  Then we got stuck in traffic going back down and we had to go
shopping, and the car battery died so we had to fix that in order to
work the rest of the week. It was stressful, Pdays always are, and in
all of that the email time got left out.

This week we had a hard time getting lessons, but we did a ton of
service.  We helped Fr. Nirelep (inactive) remodel his kitchen, which
meant that we got to take a sledge hammer and go at it.  Elder Drennan
had a lot of fun with that.  I used the crowbar to chisel the edges,
sculpting finally came in handy!  Fr. Nirelep is also a pianist, so
Elder Drennan and him would play the piano afterwards.  We went three
time this week to go help him. It was really fun, Fr. Nrelep is a
really funny guy but hasn't been to church in a really long time and
doesn't desire to.  But it was great spending time with him.

I went on an exchange with Elder Santos this week.  He works at Baie
Mahault.  It was great.  We talked a lot about the good old days in
Guyane.  He is going home at the end of this transfer, crazy.  4 weeks
to go!  We also took Elder Drennan's camera with us for the day (Elder
Drennan doesn't really take very many photos)  Elder Santos and I, we
took quite a bit.  He'll sure remember this day very well hahaha!

I am trying really hard to think of what to write, but I am at a loss.
Sorry. I'm glad you finally got my letter!

The Cyber base is going to close in 5 minutes so I gotta go.  As for
Elder Miyasaki, he is on St. Vincent now, English side.  As for my
birthday, I could use a replacement of socks, a purple pen or marking
crayon and there was something else but I can not remember to save my
life, the lady is getting mad at me that I am not getting off and its
not helping.... well I should go.

love ya!
Elder Call

Monday, October 27, 2014

Feeding chickens and goats

Bonjour ma famille!

This week went by pretty well.  It was the travel time for the
transfers, but well, that didn't affect me to much, still in
Basse-Terre!  I did have an amazing surprise though, two counting
today!  I got some great packages from my wonderful family!  I just
opened Grandma's today!  Thank you so much Grandma!!  Everybody went
crazy when I shared it with them.  Who knew that Reese's Peanut Butter
Cups would be such a delicacy?  Only when you haven't seen them for a
year or so. Haha  Thank you so much, I love you!

This week we fixed a baptismal date with Ferdinand for the 29 of Nov.
We are going to fast with him as well this Sunday to help him overcome
his struggle with smoking.  We still play basketball with him on

The group leader Fr. Abenzoar left to Santo Domingo to got the temple
with his family, so yesterday Elder Drennan presided over the
sacrament meeting.  That was an interesting experience.  There were
only 13 people at church but Ferdinand came as well as Fr. Ludgio, a
young less active that we invited to come back!  Nothing too crazy
happened with the sacrament meeting, we only had one person bless (Fr.
Potan, who is preparing to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood, he was
really nervous to do it by himself) and then I passed the Sacrament.
It was the shortest sacrament meeting I think I have ever been to.

With Fr. Abenzoar away we also have to feed his chickens and goats and
get the eggs every morning. Haha  Its so funny.  As soon as the chickens
see one of us show up they go crazy and start chasing us around until
we give them food.  The goat isn't very nice to the chickens either, he
steals their food.  I'll send a picture next week, I'm pretty excited
for you to see it.

We saw the Famille Pommier this week as well and had a great lesson
about the love of Christ through his Atonement.  The spirit was so
strong and they are going to start putting up reminders to help them
get back into good habits.  Sadly they couldn't make it to church this

I have no clue what to have you send me for a package. I could use a
good power converter. (not trying to quote Star Wars in anyway) the
old ones you sent with me died and I haven't had the chance to look for a
new one yet.  I really need a purple scripture marker, it was the only
color I really needed, and it wasn't in the new one you sent me... I
couldn't tell you anything else, I'm at a loss!  If you haven't sent it by
next week I'll make a list of things I could use.

I'm really out of time, sorry its a short letter.  I have to go write a
one page report to the mission pres. about what I have learned in the
Book of Mormon this last week.

avec amour,
Elder Call

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another transfer gone by...

Bonjour ma famille!

Another week and another transfer gone by, only six more transfers!  I
only know that because President Mehr reminded me.  Thats crazy!  Its
going too fast!  I'm going to be staying in Basse-Terre with Elder
Drennan again.

First off I did get that letter and package thank you very much!
Everyone got a kick out of the letter and we had a good round of
telling stories! haha  I wrote some stories down in my letter that I
am going to send, I am determined to get it off today!

This week went by really quickly for me.  I had a lot of exchanges.  One
with both the zone leaders, one on Tuesday/Wednesday and another
Thursday/Friday.  They were really good, but it takes forever to get
them going.  We have to drive an hour up to Lamentin and another hour
back plus more with traffic.

During the week we saw Ferdinand pretty frequently, we try to see him
everyday if we can just to keep following up and reading the Book of
Mormon with him.  We saw him last on Saturday, he worked the entire day
with Fr. Abenzoar, the group leader in Basse-Terre . Its so cool that
he is mingling well with the members!  He didn't smoke at all on
Saturday!  I was so happy, but sadly he didn't make it up to Capesterre
for church.  When Elder Peterson and I went to see him, his neighbor,
who is completly Rastafarian and listens to Bob Marley all day every
day (its the same stuff on repeat everyday, its not even music, its mostly
just Bob Marley talking to an interviewer), anyway the guy was outside
checking on his pots of Marijuana that he planted outside his door.
Elder Peterson got a good laugh out of that. haha

While I was with Elder Christensen on Tuesday we were knocking doors
and found one of the Ladies that came to our English class that we
have every Wednesday.  She is really nice and has 3 kids, the oldest
daughter is about 9 and comes to the kids session of the English class
as well.  We gave her a BOM and she read the first couple introduction
pages by the time we came back. She is really nice and she seems
really interested in the church.  We plan on inviting her to be
baptised the next time we see her.

I'm not sure if I told you about our English classes before.  But we
have an hour for kids and an hour for adults every Wednesday.  We hold
it at a residence assosiation building in the middle of an apartment
complex that Fr. Abenzoar works for.  The kids class is insane, they
are so crazy.  Once we learned colors so Elder Drennan and I pumped up
ballons and passed them around to name the colors. That lesson didn't
actually get TOO out of hand haha!

Well I am out of time again, I love you all so much and I can't wait to
hear from you again!  I am doing great and love being here!  Have a
great week!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Pictures from our waterfall hike last week

Goats in the river

Chocolate milkshakes for district meeting

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not much of a tropical storm

Bonjour ma famille!

This week was really good actually!  But I am exhausted!  Saturday
morning we played basketball with our new investigator, our most progressing
investigator at this time. We are trying to play sports with him to
keep him from breaking the word of wisdom.  It was so much fun. Haha
But I was so dead afterwords.  He is my favorite.  I love that
guy.  He is an old gang member that is turning a new leaf and wants to
be baptised. We see him everyday when we can.  So far he has received
all the lessons and comes to church every week, he came to conference
and he even introduceed us to his friends. (very interesting guys) We
are planning on a baptismal date for the 1st of November.

On Monday we hiked up to the 3rd Chute de Carbet, a waterfall,in the
middle of a rain storm, well it wasn't really a rainstorm, but it was
raining at the time.  It was really cool. Because of the rain the fall
was huge and we got soaked from the spray. Sorry I would have loved to
have sent pictures but they are really taking a long time to load on
the computer.
Carbet Falls is a series of waterfalls on the Carbet River in Guadeloupe.  Its three cascades are set amid the tropical rainforests on the lower slopes of the volcano La Soufrière. The falls are one of the most popular visitor sites in Guadeloupe, with approximately 400,000 visitors annually. In 1493, Christopher Columbus noted Carbet Falls in his log.

Sundays we usually stop by the Duflo familly and sing hymns with them.
I was reminded about that because you talked about The Walking Dead.
haha Soeur Duflo asked me if I knew what it was, and told me she was crazy
about it. haha She kept trying to spoil it for me but I wouldn't let
her.  And everybody else kept saying she was just making it up.  I told
her that I hooked you on it too.  Obviously you still are haha!

I had to go on an exchange this week in Basse-Terre with Elder Ehlert.
It was my first time leading the area and having to find my way around
on my own.  But I didn't even get lost once haha! Ok, I did once, but it
was only because all the roads were one way and I couldn't find a road
that was going the way I wanted it.  Then Elder Ehlert and I bought
bokits and 10 euros fell out of my pocket and a homeless guy got to it
before I did. ... I was a little upset about that, but I guess he needed it more
than I did.

I am in the middle of writting a letter to you, hopefully I can finish
it today to send it to you. I've been writting it for some time now.
Every other Monday or so for the last couple months.  I'll finish it
sometime... Hopefully it will make up for my lack of detail in my

That hole in dads head is lookin' pretty nasty.  I hope he's got some
canonball wound ointment for that.... :) (Hope you haven't fogotten
all the Brian Regan jokes since I've been gone) And I plan on getting
a wedding announcement for Jordan soon, I'd better be on the invite
list!  They look awesome together.

I'm glad you have been noticing so many miracles lately.  I have been keeping a
spiritual journal so that I notice these moments a lot more. I know
that God answeres prayers and that there is not many things or nothing
stronger than the prayers of rightious mothers.

I love you guys so much! You are in my prayers and I can feel the
power from yours!
je vous aime!
avec amour,
Elder Call

That's's a baguette vending machine!  Only in France can one not get his baguette quick enough!

Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference


I am going to get right into your questions first:

Yes I did watch conference, I mean come on, its not like I would miss it! haha!  Saturday we were at the branch in Capesterre for all three sessions.  They were all in French for us because the internet was too slow to have more than stream going.  I actually took a ton of notes. The 70's were hard to understand because they talk really fast and the translators were dying to catch up to them haha, which meant I understood very little.  But I did love the ones I understood.  The Sister's talk about the sacrament was actually really, really good.  The Sunday session we went up to Abymes where everybody else on the island was for conference. We got to watch that in English, but we couldn't go anywhere to eat between sessions because it was Sunday and none of the missionary apartments near by had enough food for all the missionaries haha.  I loved conference.  Some themes I noticed were sustaining the prophet, revelation (I LOVED Elder Eyring's talks), and the Sacrament.  What did you notice?

I did enjoy Elder Bednar's talk to the non-members.  At this moment I am not sure who came to the Sunday session, they would have gone to the Capesterre building, so I don't know if we had any investigators there. Ferdinand would have been the only one to have made it I think.

Yes, I saw the missionary choir at the priesthood session.  I made a comment to the others that I bet there were some moms frantically searching the choir for their son to show up on TV.

I think I know what Noni fruit is, but it's probably called something else in French.   I have never eaten it, but if we find them, the missionaries throw them at each other sometimes haha!  In Guyane I stuffed one down Elder Fraley's shirt during our volleyball night.  He showered a lot that night.
Jordan and I were talking the other night about some of the foods he ate in Mexico.  He ate some pretty awful stuff!  But the only thing he refused to eat was a fruit called Noni.  He said it smelled and tasted like vomit.

I did get your letter, so I guess the mail system works!

This week was great with General Conference!  During the week we didn't get too much time to work, which was a little frustrating.  We had to drive up to Baie-Mahault on Tuesday to get our car fixed after our district meeting.  They said that they couldn't do it until Wednesday, so we had to drive all the way back down to Capesterre to go to CEP (PEC in English?) and that was the whole day other than studies.  So early Wednesday morning we got up and drove back up to have it fixed.  We had to  walk 30 min. to the Baie-Mahault apartment to study for most the day while we waited.  Then we walked back when they called us and they hadn't really fixed anything in that time. Friday was the only day we got of full working.  We did some service for a sister, we had to pull all the vines off her flowers.  There were a ton of vines.  Then we visited a recent convert lady, Sr. Agnes.  We talked about temple work with her because a family member died recently and soon she'll be able to go to the temple for herself.  The rest of the day was studies and contacting because the rest of the our appointments fell through.  It was the first real time that I went contacting, it felt strange.  But I felt like I was getting some work done.

The highlight of the week was easily General Conference.  My studies too.  I have been having some pretty good studies.  I bought a binder to put all my notes in, I get too OCD about my notes being out of order and I can't find them, but now I can write whatever, whenever, and move the pages around, its the best.  I love studying the gospel now!  Also there was that talk in General Conference from Elder Scott about family home evenings. I want to have some awesome family home evenings when I get back.  So I am pretty excited about that.

I keep trying to write handwritten letters to send to you that talk more in depth about what happens and whats going on with me.  I have started maybe 5 of them, but I can never finish them.  One of these times I'll get one to you!  They keep getting out of date by the time I can finish them.

Well I love you a lot!
Have a great week!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, September 29, 2014

I only got lost once...


Sorry my letter wasn't too long last week.  I went overtime, and I thought I told you all about what happened.  I'm not sure today's letter is going to be any longer...

Chez Bennion is the the senior couple's house.  The old senior couple used to live there so that's what the house is addressed under, it is now the house of the new senior couple the Richmond's. The Richmond's are from Tahiti, they only speak French, they cover the whole island, and I have only seen them twice since I have been here. I haven't received your letter yet, so I'll keep checking.

The work has been going well, its been tough because we have had a lot of district leader duties that we have had to take care of, like baptismal interviews in Lamentin, meetings, and bunch of stuff that has taken a lot of time for traveling which cuts down a lot of working time.  We haven't really done very much contacting because of that, most of our time is visiting our couple of investigators and the less active members.

Yes, I live in actual Basse-Terre, which is the actual capital of Guadeloupe. I live in "Petit Paris" specifically. The group building is just down the road from our house and it shares a parking lot with a boulangerie. bakery

Its a lot harder to get together with all the missionaries on Guadeloupe. We haven't had very many big activities.  Today we hiked La Grande Soufrière, not sure how to spell it but it means the sulfur maker.  Its the volcano in Basse-Terre.  It was really fun and really beautiful.
La Grande Soufrière, is an active stratovolcano on the French island of Basse-Terre, in Guadeloupe. It is the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles, and rises 1,467 m high.

Well as for the rest of this week. I hardly got to work in my area at all. On Tuesday right after district meeting I went on an exchange with Elder Okano in Capesterre.  I had to figure out the bus systems because he is new and this is actually one of my first times ever actually using the buses.  I only got lost once. We had a great time and met some cool people.  One guy stopped us on the road asking about genealogy.  I never had that happen before.  Most of the time I was trying to help Elder Okano speak more, he is actually really good with French but I wanted to get him to help more in their lessons, he did really good.

When we were supposed to switch back I learned that the car wasn't working, so I couldn't be driven back to my area, so I had to stay another day in Capesterre.  Thursday I got picked up from Capesterre, only to get dropped off with Elder Broadbent in Baie-Mahault for another exchange.  We were on bikes and we got dumped on by the rain.  We had to stop on the side of the road under a canopy and wait it out.  While we were there we talked to a really cool kid that had to wait out the rain too.  They are going to try to re-contact him this week.

Finally Friday afternoon I got to come back to Basse-Terre.  We visited an investigator and talked about prayer.  He is still waiting for his court appeal on Oct. 2 before we can start setting up for baptism, but he really wants to be baptized.  As we were walking back I realized we were in an area that I recognized (I don't know my area very well yet) and so I asked if we could stop and see an old contact that we missed during the week.  Turned out he was home and it was the only time during the day that he happened to be home.  He brought up a lot of good questions.  One about why bad things happen to people.  I was impressed to share the story of Brianna when she was born.  I told him that she had done nothing wrong to deserve heart problems at birth but that I myself was affected by it as well.  I told him that when she was born I remembered praying as a family for her and that it was one of the first spiritual experiences I ever had. I really like this guy that we taught.

Nothing too special happened other than that during the week. We had church at Capesterre group.  Then we climbed Soufrière this morning.

The email place is closing, I gotta go. I love you all.  I'll try to get back on if I can but if not, have a great week!

avec amour,
Elder Call


Monday, September 22, 2014

First week in Guadeloupe!


Not much time to write today, so I'll just be quick and send a few pictures.  I'm really very happy right now in Guadeloupe.  I can't even compare it to Martinique, because they're so different.  Martinique is a lot more "French" than Guadeloupe, but I refuse to compare them. haha

Here is my new address:
Elder Braden Call
Chez Bennion
Le Residance "La Baletullerel"
Bat. A Apt. 17
Moudong Sud
97122 Baie-Mahault

We had zone conference last week and the missionaries from Martinique came over.  I had an interview with Pres. Mehr and his wife that was really great.  They are amazing people.

I had the chance to give some blessings this week and it was a very special experience.  I know for a fact the the priesthood is a power given to men to bless and save God's children.  I know that it is found in this church.  I know that I want to be able to help my family for the rest of my life by living worthily in order to bless them with this power that God has given to us.

I love this gospel and I love you guys.  You are very important to me and I can't wait to see you all again.  I feel your prayers and I am praying for you.

avec amour,
Elder Call

Elder Drennan was chopping some piment fort (hot peppers) and got some in his eyes.  His eyes were burning for a good ten minutes while we tried to find a remedy to help him.  This is Elder Ehlert trying to rub it out with a banana peel  

This is our car with Les Saintes in the background

Sunset from Saturday night!

This is our Group building

Pictures from Zone Conference

Monday, September 15, 2014


Bonjour ma Famille!

Well I am just going to go as quick as I can over this crazy last week.

So Tuesday we had the big meal with the Lacambé family.  That was just about the whole day, I sent a picture of their house. Then on Wednesday I got all packed up and had to wait until 3:00 or so to fly out. We sat in traffic driving up to the airport to pick up Elder Simms who replaced me, coming from Basse-Terre, where I am replacing him, we did a little switcharoo.  He came in around 12 and then we went to eat kebabs with everyone.  Then Elder Fraley and I headed out.  I was really happy that he was on the same flight as me heading up to Guadeloupe, but it was really sad having to get off while he stayed on to go up to St. Martin.  We finally got separated, this time for more than 1 transfer I bet.

When I got in I was picked up by the zone leaders for the island of Basse-Terre, Elders Christiansen and Peterson. (Guadeloupe is actually 2 islands connected by a bridge, I'm on the very bottom of the left one) There are 2 zones to answer you question, Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre.  Then we made the long trip to my area, which is in the bottom left corner, more west than the actual tip.  We stopped to drop of the blue Elder Okano at Capesterre.  By the time we got home there was just enough time to do studies.  Elder Drennan met me at Capesterre.  I think we are going to have a great time.  We both have a big vision for the area.  He was on Martinique with me for 3 transfers so I know him pretty well.  We are going to have a lot of fun and we are going to get a lot of work done!  I'm excited.

So for Basse-Terre, the church is only a group and we have a family that is progressing very well towards baptism.  We had the first real lesson with them this week though, and the kids all want to be baptized but their mom is a little hesitant. We also have a guy that wants to be baptized who used to be a part of a gang but changed his whole life when he met the missionaries.  In our area there are a lot of less active members so we are going to try to focus a lot on visiting and helping them rather than knocking doors the whole time. Its nice having people to see.

There are 2 zones on Gwada but we almost never see Grand-Terre zone.  We have 10 in our zone and I'm not sure yet how many missionaries are on the island total.  There is a couple here, they are the Richmond's from Tahiti.  We have a nice apartment, its smaller than my last one but it has a balcony that goes all around the building which is perfect for my hammock and it has a good view of the ocean.

Je suis bien installé à la Guadeloupe et je suis content être là:)
passez une bonne semaine!

avec amour,
Elder Call

The whole Martinique zone before Elder Fraley and I left

Elder Fraley and I are departing.  He's heading to St. Martin.  We've been together all but 6 weeks since the very beginning!

Packed up and ready to go

Exchanging ties with Elder Fraley at the airport

Photo bombed by Elder Russell

My new apartment

View from my apartment

Pruning some gardens for a lady

Lacambé family's home 

Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm heading to Guadaloupe!

Bonjour Ma famille,

Well, it took longer than I thought but you finally forgot about me... I didn't get a letter.... So I guess I'll just have to write one to you and hope you're still reading these.... ;)
Apparently my email sent but the letter wasn't included.  Strange...

I felt really good this week, despite the the fact that I am going to be leaving for Guadeloupe now.  First off, we had 131 people at Church!  It was probably the greatest Sunday to have ever been the last Sunday on Martinique, I am so grateful to have been here to see these wonderful people experience such success!  I had to say goodbye to everybody and break the news that I was leaving because they only announced that Elder Fraley was leaving (heading to St. Martin) during sacrament because I showed up late (not a bad missionary, we just had to help show Clavel, the Cuban family how to get to Church) After Church we all ate and I tried to tell everybody and take pictures, but my camera stopped working.  My first thought was "not again..." but finally I got it up and running, so no worries.

During the week I was able to get in contact with some good people. We saw Tania who lives in Trois Ilet. Her only problem is that she doesn't have a car.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, she says she knows its true, she has spiritual experiences every time we come over, and she called us last night to tell us "thank you" for having found her and taught her because she was praying and received a confirmation that it was true and just felt so grateful.  She wants to talk to her family, she is THE MOST prepared person I have ever met.  Just thinking about it blows my mind.  She has a date for the 27th and she is thinking and praying about it, I am sure sure she'll receive an answer that it is what she should do.

Dana on the other hand has plateaued.  We started her off on the book of Mormon, she has been reading on her own, but she doesn't remember that much of what she read.  She was supposed to come to Church but again she didn't make it.

The Clavel-Manuel family got home from Cuba and the mom actually came to Church!  It was the first time! It was only because I was leaving, but she really liked it and she said she was going to come back.  I told her that I was leaving Saturday night and she was really sad and I felt really awkward.  She kept explaining deep Spanish phrases to me about how she felt that I was leaving, I wasn't really sure what to think. haha, but I was happy to have made such an impression on her.

Then on Sunday afternoon after we finished cleaning up, we stopped by the Martials to give Arik and Samuel-Lee blessings for back to school.  I felt very honored to be asked to do it and it was very spiritual and I felt very happy.  It was the last goodbye for them because I am going to stop by to see them once more, but it was pretty sad.

So the next time you hear from me I will be in Guadeloupe.  I'm going to have to learn a whole other form of créole again, but I am excited.  I am going to Basse-Terre to be with Elder Drennan who left last transfer.  It should be good, we were good friends already.

Well I am out of time, its not a great letter, but hey, at least it is a letter,right? ;) hahaha

I love you all and I'm sorry the pictures were slow.
avec amour,
Elder Call

Photo bombing the Turner's at the botanical gardens

Here fishy, fishy...

 The Sillions

Record attendance at church.  131 people!  Amazing!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A blessing 9 months in the making!

Bonjour Ma famille!

This week was surprisingly good.  Again we didn't have much working time, but I thought that it was spent well.

I also had a miracle, well actually I think you guys did.  During this week where I have been having a lot of time to myself, with Elder Glover being sick, I had time to look though all of my stuff.  While I was searching I stumbled upon a photo that you had sent me around Thanksgiving of last year.  You had sent it telling me to find someone to give it to with your testimony written on the back before Christmas.   Obviously I didn't end up doing that, (Sorry!  I just never found anybody that I felt good about giving it to)  I decided to slip it into my proselyting scriptures with the English translation and take it with me.  The next day with Dana we had a great lesson where we started her officially reading the BOM from page 1.  At the end she randomly asked about how our families were doing, which I realize now almost never happens with investigators!  I instantly remembered the photo and gave it to her.  She teared up as she was reading it and the spirit was really strong.  I see now how the Lord was slowly preparing that miracle, and I want to thank you for allowing it to happen, she told me to thank you!

We also found a lady on Sunday in Trois îlets who wants to get baptized.  We were teaching the Restoration and as she read how Joseph Smith had "lacked wisdom".  She paused and said that she had been telling herself that the entire week.  The spirit testified really strongly at that moment.  She seems very sincere and agreed to be baptized even though she doesn't understand why she has to get re-baptized.  We even asked if she could work towards the 27 of September for baptism.  I felt like it was really, really rushed and we kind of overwhelmed her, but she felt the spirit and I think she agreed.

Elder Glover and I have been doing really well this week.  On Friday during companionship study we had a long talk about our weaknesses and trials and it was really good.  We talked about regrets we had and our general overall thoughts of the mission,.  We both have determined to do a lot better.  I have felt myself improve a lot recently and I feel a lot more hopeful about the future.

So, this week was a little like last week until Thursday when we were able to get out working and saw Dana. Our power got shut off on Thursday as well.  We had some mix up with the propriètaire (it's the same word in English but I forgot how to spell it in English...)  We thought that he was supposed to be paying the power bill because I had gotten a notice with Elder Johnston some 5 months ago saying that they were going to shut it off around June or so.  It never happened so we assumed that he took care of it.  I guess they decided to turn it off.  So we have been staying in the tiny Lamentin apartment for the end of the week waiting for them to turn it back on.

Elder Glover is still douloureux in pain but the fever is gone and I got him out working this weekend.
I feel fortunate that I haven't gotten sick.  I have been staying with a chickengotten Elder (not actually a word but it's what we call people that get chikungunya) for a long while now and it hasn't gotten me yet!

I also went on an exchange with Elder Fraley on Saturday right after we helped Trinite move.  It was really nice to get with him one more time.  Oh yeah, we are getting our transfer calls this Saturday, and its been a good long time since we have both been here, we might get separated....

Well I love y'all!  I love my mission and I love this gospel!

avec amour!
Elder Call

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Schedule

Bonjour tout le monde!

It has come to my attention that some truths have been lost pertaining to statements that I have made, and it has fallen upon me to restore what once was, as for lasagna.  Let me make it clear and speak to you in plainess that ye cannot err.  For I truly said that it is I who makes the frozen lasagna, not my Mother.  For verily I did say,  "I know how to make lasagna, all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and put it in the oven".  Thus we see that clear and precious truths have been taken out and added to until the whole hath become corrupt and everyone frames me.  And it grieveth my soul to have to speak of such things unto you, now, let us pray that that is the end of it. ;)
HAHA!  A funny little joke we had with Braden this week!

Anyways.... Business aside, it seems that you want me to explain my week.  I don't think you picked a very good week, its rather easy on my side, but I'll do my best.  Here is a day by day, play by play run down of my week.

Monday: 6:30 I woke up got ready and then we went on a drive around to Les Anses D'Arlets.
-12:00 we ate at home and changed into our shirts and ties
-1:30 we started to clean the car
-2:00 we ran out of time so we drove to Fort-de-France to email, everywhere was closed
-3:00 we decided to go to the church to do our emails, there is only one computer so we had to take turns
-5:30 we headed back down to the south to work
-6:00 we visited Renald, a new investigator who lives in Trois ilets.  He likes the Book of Mormon and has    read a couple chapters.  But turns out that he is under house arrest for the next year...
-7:00 contacted
-9:00 returned and planned
-10:30 slept

-10:00 District meeting in Fort-de-France
-12:00 ate and left down to work
-3:00 we ran out of people that we had planned to see, none of whom were home and then started to             recontact a bunch of people that we had contacted previously.  We saw a guy named Willy who lives           in Sans Pareil and works in a garage, based out of his garage
-8:00 Language study.  Elder Glover's rash came back and he started to get muscle pain
-9:00 plan

-7:00 Elder Glover woke up with a fever and we had to go buy a thermometer
-7:30 We talked with the mission doctor and he agreed that Elder Glover had Chikungunya and that we          should stay home for a while.  So we did
-8:00 I studied while Elder Glover slept.
12:00 ate
1:00 tried to keep studying but my attention span didn't last and I cleaned the house.  Read some Liahonas,    worked out, and just bummed around
10:30 slept

Just about the same as the day before
1:00 the Turners came and ate lunch with us

Same as before but I did a lot more studying

I went on an exchange with Elder Dayton in FdF and we had to walk everywhere. We visited Sr. Regis and her son who got baptized recently then we met this really cool homeless guy who had seen the missionaries and had talked to them before.  He knew a whole lot about our church and wanted to be baptized. We invited him to church.

Went to church then visited Fr. Renard.  He had a ton of anti-Mormon questions and we tried to help as best we could but he had SO many questions.  Mostly about Freemasons and Joseph Smith.  We finally got him to calm down and he said that he is going to work on talking to his boss to get Sundays off for church. We stopped by Joani to see why she didn't come to church, and fixed an appointment to come with the Turners to see if we can fix her electric piano.  Returned home and I studied while Elder Glover went back to sleep.  His rash came back pretty bad.

I woke up and drove here. Now I am emailing

Well I hope you enjoyed that.  It took a while.  Yes Elder Glover was very sick all this week and we did not do very much.  I was very bored the entire week.  He isn't in danger of death or anything, his muscles are just very weak and sore.  He is having a hard time typing right now haha!  I've been trying to make the situation a little funner but he hasn't been enjoying that very much.  We both had been joking about how chikungunya wasn't real, it was just an excuse for old people not to listen.  But now he knows its not.  I still think hes acting like a Grandma haha!  Just kidding, it probably is very bad and I feel bad for him.

Chikungunya is a virus that is spread to humans by mosquitoes.  The symptoms are similar to Dengue Fever, which is also spread by mosquitoes.  In late 2013, the first local transmission of chikungunya virus in the Americas was identified in Caribbean countries and territories. 

I did hear about the incident with Elders Dayton and Lewis.  It was just a drunk guy on the bus with a knife that talked to them.  He said that if they ever came back that he would get 'em, but he could barely stand up straight and it was only 9 in the morning.  I have never been worried here.

You asked what is the greatest thing I have learned so far and it is probably how to stay organized and how to work, and how to notice the spirit, and how to pray, and the way the church works, and a lot of other stuff.  So guess not just one thing...

Today we are going to walk through a park that has a bunch of suspension bridges or something.

Well outta time love you all!!!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, August 18, 2014


Bonjour Ma Famille!

We had a whole lot of contacting again this week.  We weren't able to see Dana, or Claudia, or just about any of our regular amis.  But on Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Pape, (that's a funny story I'll tell later) who is new this transfer with Elder Bodily, and we tried to see Pamela who had been on vacation for the last 3 weeks.  We thought we would go see if she got home yet.  She wasn't there.  So we were sitting right in front of her house in the car trying to think of where we could go for the end of the day, when she pulled in.  It was a miracle to me.  We were able to get in contact with her again after all this time, we didn't get to teach a lesson but we invited her to church, and she came!

Today we drove around to Les Anse D'Arlets just me and Elder Glover, we stopped at all the beaches and took photos and tried to just relax for the day.  Then we went home and ate and cleaned the car.  Now we are here talking to you!

The next transfer will be Sept. 10 and I have been here about  4 1/2 transfers which means about 6.5-7 months, half a transfer more than I was in Guyane.

Sorry I didn't have time to tell you about the pottery shop last week.  I'll send some pics today.  I bought some things that I want to send home to you guys sometime but I'm not sure when.  No pottery though, I didn't want it to break.  If you think I can chance it let me know and I could swing by another time to get you some!

 Heres a fun créole phrase for ya! buf devan bwé dlo frai (the cow in front drinks fresh water,) its the equivilant of "first come first served".

This week I listened to all of the President Monson talks from BYU.  Elder Glover and I loved the talk about principles for prophets.  He talks about what he knew and learned from all the prophets he has known throughout his life, many of them he served with in the Quorum of the 12.  Pres. Monson is just a very happy, funny guy and I love listening to him. 

I hope you know that I am praying for you and I love you.  This week I had the chance to start reading back through my journals and I read during my first transfer, I read a promise that I made to myself, that I wanted to be one of those missionaries that everyone remembers for being obedient and hard working even if things were hard.  I had forgotten that and I am very glad that I wrote that down.  I do still want to be that person and it helped me refocus myself a little. 

I know that this work is true and I know that my Redeemer lives.  I know that I am where I need to be and that these trials that I have in my life are for my own good and benefit.  I know that God loves me and is watching over me and that through prayer I can talk to him and receive his comfort and council, because I have done it and he has shown me.  I love you all so very much.  I know that the Lord will answer our prayers, and that is enough for me.

je vous aime,
avec amour,
Elder Call

This was the potter and his shop.  He taught us all about making it

We had a picnic after

And we got to skip rocks

We wore our suits to church this week because we told Fr. Renard (which means fox in French, so his name is Brother Fox) that if he came to church in his nice suit we would wear ours.  Sadly he didn't make it, all the members were impressed that we wore suits though haha, they all had a comment about it!  Sr. Doumbia said she was impressed that we could still fit into our suits after a year haha! Some missionaries can't!

Today's island tour of the south-west point.  We stopped at all the beaches and cool spots.

Diamond Rock

Les Anse D'Arlets‏