Monday, April 28, 2014

A busy week


Well a lot happened this week! First and foremost, Zone Conference!  We left Monday, which is why we had to email so early that day.  We got to the airport and flew up north for about 30 minutes.  When we got in, Elder Santos came to pick us up, so Elder Fraley and I had a nice little Guyane reunion with him.  It was awsome to see him again.  Then we had a Guadeloupe vs. Martinique soccer match!  We kicked butt of course haha, it wasn't really serious though, most everybody was talking and catching up since they hadn't seen each other for a while Elder Fraley, Jex and I talked to each other because we really didn't know anybody else.  It was still fun though and I did finally meet all the French missionaries in my mission haha! The only one I don't know is Elder Broadbent in Guyane who took my spot with Elder Miyasaki.

We stayed in Morne a L'eau which is now a church building, but there was nowhere else to keep all the missionaries that came in, and sadly there weren't enough cars and it was too difficult to coordinate splits with everyone, so we basically stayed at the house and talked.  It was the Martinique Elders and Elder Telga in St. Martin, who is actually from Martinique.  We had a good time

Zone conference was really good.  They had just gotten training from the Quorum of the Twelve and therefore brought us what they had learned.  They blasted us about planning.  It was really cool.  We have been working really hard this week to better our planning and we have seen a lot of improvements.  I got to see Elder Lewis, he's great.   He is exactly the same as he was when we parted in Trinidad 8 months ago.  I also found a journal in the airport that is pretty cool, it has a map of all the islands and on the cover it say "Republique Fran├žaise: Guyane, Martinique, Guadeloupe" and I taped in all the plane tickets I've gotten on my mission.  I was really excited.

When we got back we had a rough first day.  We couldn't really find anything to do, so we decided to make cookies for Fr. Coine who had his brothers funeral that day (Wednesday) and we had gotten back too late to go.  He is incredible, just an amazing example of hope.  He is always happy.

This week like I said we have been working on our planning.  Sometimes we got to daily planning and we had absolutely nothing to do the next day.  Often times those days did end up alright, but during it was not good.  So we have been working on planning days with activities and lessons so that when we got to daily planning we had things to do the next day.  We have had amazing full days the last couple of days.

We played soccer Saturday with Andy, some other people just showed up and played with us, it was really fun.   Andy is an investigator from the Dominican Republic.  It's really hard to talk to his family, but his mom loves us.  We've been trying to see them but he's at a boarding school most of the week. We have also really been getting into teaching with media.  The little disk that the Turners gave us is the best.  It helps people pay attention and really brings the spirit.

Actually I don't have time to get to the questions today sorry!  Rewrite any that you really want answered next week!

je vous aime!
Elder Call

Heading to Guadeloupe

Elders Jex and Bodily

At the apartment

Zone Conference

Good 'ol Elder Lewis!

Heading home

Playing soccer with Andy