Friday, November 7, 2014

No Monday letter?


Well, sorry I was unable to get a letter out to you yesterday, and I
realize that I told you that I would be emailing on Wednesday,
(Nope, he failed to mention that) 
and that today is Tuesday... But this was the only time that we could find
to email.  Pday was rough.  We went up to Deshaies to do a zone
devotional.  So we drove a good hour and a half up to a beach and
everybody else got stuck in traffic.  By the time they got there we had
to leave, but as we were waiting I did build a pretty awesome
sandcastle that I took pictures of that I hopefully will send next
week.  Then we got stuck in traffic going back down and we had to go
shopping, and the car battery died so we had to fix that in order to
work the rest of the week. It was stressful, Pdays always are, and in
all of that the email time got left out.

This week we had a hard time getting lessons, but we did a ton of
service.  We helped Fr. Nirelep (inactive) remodel his kitchen, which
meant that we got to take a sledge hammer and go at it.  Elder Drennan
had a lot of fun with that.  I used the crowbar to chisel the edges,
sculpting finally came in handy!  Fr. Nirelep is also a pianist, so
Elder Drennan and him would play the piano afterwards.  We went three
time this week to go help him. It was really fun, Fr. Nrelep is a
really funny guy but hasn't been to church in a really long time and
doesn't desire to.  But it was great spending time with him.

I went on an exchange with Elder Santos this week.  He works at Baie
Mahault.  It was great.  We talked a lot about the good old days in
Guyane.  He is going home at the end of this transfer, crazy.  4 weeks
to go!  We also took Elder Drennan's camera with us for the day (Elder
Drennan doesn't really take very many photos)  Elder Santos and I, we
took quite a bit.  He'll sure remember this day very well hahaha!

I am trying really hard to think of what to write, but I am at a loss.
Sorry. I'm glad you finally got my letter!

The Cyber base is going to close in 5 minutes so I gotta go.  As for
Elder Miyasaki, he is on St. Vincent now, English side.  As for my
birthday, I could use a replacement of socks, a purple pen or marking
crayon and there was something else but I can not remember to save my
life, the lady is getting mad at me that I am not getting off and its
not helping.... well I should go.

love ya!
Elder Call