Monday, May 18, 2015

The last transfer

Bonjour ma famille, et ceux qui lisent le blog s'il y en a...

Well, things are pretty excited down here but I don't have time to talk about it so I'll  just see you next week! Love ya bye!

Just kidding, It was an AWESOME week though!  Valdir got baptized!  His wife was so excited for him! haha! President D'abreu baptized him and we got the whole branch involved for everything else, couldn't have gone better!  Now his daughter is being taught by the sister missionaries and she seems pretty willing to be baptized.

Other Big news.  Transfer Calls.  The Last One..... (gulp)  Elder Smith is headin' out!  He's going up to Morne-à-l'eau on Grande-Terre Guadeloupe to Replace Elder Bodily who is coming down here to be my last companion.  For Guyane Elder Sackley is leaving too, to go to Martinique to be zone leader.  He's really young for a zone leader but I can't say I didn't see it coming.  Sis. Vance has finished her mission and Sis. Teney will be training.  Elder Savard is replacing Elder Sackley as District leader.  Lots of change down south.  There are also 4 new Tahitian missionaries that come in on French side. Tahitian Take-over!

I have really enjoyed that book with daily reflection on the atonement you sent me.  I've been reading a page almost everyday, and sometimes I skip to later days in the year to read because I won't get to them on my mission haha.  But I have learned a lot about the Atonement recently, especially as I have been focusing on making the sacrament a spiritual experience for me personally every week.  Its something Pres. Mehr told us to do.  To block out the stress and problems that don't affect us directly and to really turn our thought to the Savior and to think about his Atonement.  He told us to ask ourselves the question "Am I right with thee, Lord?" and to seek inspiration about what we can do more and commit and engage ourselves to work on it during the week as we take the sacrament.  I have found it very helpful and a lot more meaningful as I have gone to church recently.

Its sad to see Elder Smith go so soon.  We had some good times.  But I think it should be pretty good with Elder Bodily, I was with him the whole time in Martinique so it should be good.

I love all of you!  Have a great week and I'll see you in 5 more!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Here's a lot of pictures for you this week!

Helping Valdir move

Directions for eating corn flakes! haha

Our new car

We found a guy walking down the street holding this big old fish.  Fr. Léno bought it from him and we ate it yesterday 

We had a celebration with all the branch Priesthood.   We had a HUGE BBQ and had a ping pong tournament

Valdir's baptism

The Guyane gang

Pres. D'abreu's butcherie at La marché‏

Sr. D'Abreu

We went out working with Fr. José‏.   He took us across this sweet bridge across a swamp to a little village that had some of his friends in it