Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Bonjour Maman!

Well I feel like this week went by really quickly and not a lot happened, I'll do my best to explain!  So the first couple days ALL the members wanted us at their house to eat, because half of the missionaries were leaving and they all loved them so much (Elder Sackely and Smith were both here for most of their baptisms, they were here a long while) So Monday and Tuesday we just went to members houses most of the day. Oddly enough, when we went to a different members house, all the rest of the members were there . They said goodbye to the same people at least three times each.  It was pretty tough.  But now they're gone and things move on.  Elder Savard and Elder Bodily got in Wednesday.  It was great having somebody from each island come down so I get some updates!  Martinique seems to be doing really well!  They just changed up the Branch Presidency and my old area is now run by Sister missionaries (bof...) but it sounds like they are doing awesome!  Some of the less active I worked so hard on seem to be coming back, it just blew my mind!

Right before Elder Smith left he gave me the run down of everything I needed to do...  It's a long to do list, but Elder Bodily and I are going to be taking it a little at a time.  This week we need to apply for French long stay visas for Sister Winter and Elder Chidester, as well as Suriname visas for zone conference the 15th for everybody else (except for me of course, I've got a free 5 years ;)  Then we need to pay a bunch of bills for apartments, buy the truck and get it insured, talk with Trinidad to get finances for all of that, replace the Tahitians bikes, get Elder Savard's visa renewed, and the list goes on and on.  But I am excited to be with Elder Bodily.  Its a big change coming from Elder Smith, who was very open and talkative, to Elder Bodily who is a little more quiet.  He's hilarious when you get him talking haha.  During church he was telling a bunch of jokes to one of the members to try and lighten her up a bit, and she just ignored him the whole time.  He told me about it and said it bothered him that she just shut him down hard.  He thought he said something wrong and ruined his first impression with the member.  I just laughed and told him that she's deaf!   haha!

I saw a lot of cool miracles this week trying to find people to teach.  Everyday the first person we talked to ended up turning into a lesson of at least 15 minutes.  Possibly the most effective contacting of my entire mission.

Well, I love you all like crazy and can't wait to see you again real soon! #nottruncky

avec amour,
Elder Call

Living the good life in the Caribbean!

Last night with Elder Smith

At the airport

Elder Bodily

The turtle