Monday, January 13, 2014

Bike Problems!

Bonjour ma famille!

So this week was an alright week.  The theme of the week was easily bike problems...  At the beginning of the week Elder Miyasaki bent the tire on his bike right in front of our house at the end of the day.  Luckily we have a spare bike that we use while we work on fixing the usual bikes. (If that makes sense)  Then the next day we were visiting Aline, who is still doing really well, and we are still pushing for the 25th  for baptême, but we left our bikes outside and mine got stolen....  We were late and in a rush and there wasn't anywhere to lock it up to so we just hid them a bit.  But when we got out mine was gone.  They left my helmet though.  SO... we had to walk home.  The next day I spent a lot of time fixing up the bent tire bike Elder Miyasaki was using and it took a long time because we had to change the handle bar column thing in order to fit the other tire rims we had.  That worked well for a day but when we came home for lunch the next day the handle bars up and broke off...  We have other beat up bikes in the sisters apartment that we use for spare parts that I had to grab, its not the best but we can work with it.  And that brings us to now.  It was pretty stressful because we had to cancel our rendez-vous once our twice a day because of bike problems and it was usually my bike too. Other than that this week was OK haha!

That's so cool how many YM we have in our ward.  Whenever I tell other missionaries how many YM we have their mouth always drops.  I've never realized how incredible that really is until I came to a branch that just doesn't have as many priesthood holders in it.  Its completely different.  Its incredible how many missionaries will be heading out soon as well!  That's so cool that Dallin is preparing to go out.  Tell him it's the greatest thing he could possibly do.  I've learned that for myself!

Nothing too major happened this week.  We are still just moving along slowly.  Aline is still super awesome, we invited her to fast with us for the health of her family and when we visited her two days later she said her mom and her sister were both now out of the hospital and doing much better!  It is incredible just seeing how ready she is and how much the Lord loves her, and how quickly we saw the blessings from our fast.

This week we didn't have too much time to find people again, but every time we go into the city someone comes up to talk to us that seems interested, which has been really cool.  I can tell the Lord has his hands in the work because he keeps putting people in our path.  We haven't been able to get a lesson with most of them yet but I'm feeling really good about a lot of them . One lady just showed up to our English class on Thursday and said she had a card from 4 years ago saying that we had English classes at the church every Thursday.  She just decided to show up!

You asked what my daily schedule is.  Here you go.
We get up at 6:30, get ready, eat, workout
7:00 we start personal study
8:00 companion study
9:00 we head out to work
12:00 or 13:00 lunch.  After that we work again
8pm language study
9pm plan for the next day
10:30 sleep

The new sisters are doing really well!  Sis Gill is adjusting just about the same as I did. haha  It's weird seeing her handling all the changes because it reminds me of how it was for me and how far I've come.  Sis. Opeta is really cool though and she's going to help her learn French really fast!

We still haven't gotten the sisters apartment ready so there are still the 4 of us here.  Its so much fun with 4 Elders in an apartment but its hard to keep all the dishes clean.

I love all of you so much!!  I love all the letters I get and all the prayers I've felt!  Thank you also Todd and Michelle, Grandpa, Grandma K, and Chris for the money you sent me!!  I'm really going to enjoy myself down here thanks to you all hahaha!

I hope everything goes well and I'll talk to you all next week!!

Avec amour!
Elder Call

The mission van and our apartment.  We live on the bottom floor where the stairs are going in.

Bike trouble...

A night of volleyball

Lunch at the boulangerie (bakery)