Monday, November 11, 2013

Coolest experience so far...

Bonjour ma famille!

Transfers are next week, we get the calls on Saturday, so if I'm moving I should know by next week. My guess is that I will still be here but its super uncertain!  I mean (we've talked about this a lot) I know the area the best so if I were to train a new guy next transfer I doubt I would go anywhere, and Elder Miyasaki is district leader and they usually stick around for a while in an area, or we could both stick around, I have no clue, my guess is that I'm staying.

We had some good lessons this week!  I was with Elder Santos on an exchange Saturday and we went to go teach Eveline.  They had two of their friends there and they were asking us questions, Elder Santos did talk most of the time but it was really cool, they seemed really interested and Josema, a guy who I'm not sure if I told you about last time, but we started teaching him with Eveline last week because he lives in the same building as Eveline and he had some questions about life after death.  ANYWAYS, he was there too and he was taking notes and stuff, it was cool, my first lesson I've taught to 4 people at the same time!  Also we are teaching a lady who understands French but speaks mostly Spanish, We had both the French and the Spanish brochures open and were trying our best to use as much Spanish as we knew hahaha.  Which reminds me, tell Jordan to help me out!  Maybe some important words or phrases in Spanish could be really helpful!  Which brings me to another cool story this week, which happens to be probably the coolest experience of my mission thus far!!! But I need to get to the other questions first.

We're still waiting to hear from the Mayor to make sure our service project is OK.  I think we'll be doing some cleaning up around the town.

OH OH OH wait I almost forgot!!!!! Did you get the Liahona for December 2013!!!!! Guess whats in it!!!!! A PICTURE OF THE FRENCH GUIANA PRIMARY!!!! That's right!  We opened it up and saw a picture of all the kids in the branch!!!! SO COOL!!! You gotta find it!  The picture was taken a couple months before I got here though so there are some kids in there that I don't know but I know most of them!!

 My feet seem to be doing alright.  Honestly I haven't walked through that much water.  We are usually in a lesson when it rains big time, and we drive when it rains so... nothing much!  I haven't been sick at all yet. Well, we got fed by a family one night some soup called "Creole Soup".  I had some stomach problems for a while after but it wasn't bad haha!

Today we mostly just cleaned the apartment, emails are taking a while because its a holiday so all the email places are closed but we are doing ours in the church and there is only one computer. Elder Fraley is just going to do his later in the week.

I've only been sunburned once!  That was on the drive to Suriname, I had my arm out the window and it got kinda red... just on the right arm.  Surprisingly that's the only time!  I haven't even worn sunscreen for a long time now!

Now to the cool story! So Elder Santos and I were trying to get a lesson because just about everything fell through, we went to a little circle street that we had found some people and were going to go see if we could refind them and maybe teach them, they all turned us down or weren't there... So we decided to walk down the street and just talk to people. We met some people that we could come back and teach later but nothing too amazing, so we decided just to knock the rest of the doors on the circle, well "Tot-tot-tot" which is basically "knock-knock", because they all had fences and no working doorbells so we just yell "tot-tot-tot!" over the fence.  What was weird was that we skipped a bunch of houses and walked right to this door that was opened, it looked more like a little shop but we yelled in anyway.  A little lady came out and saw us and straight away asked. "How did you find me?  How did you get here?" then me, not knowing what to do just said, "uh... we walked here?"  She just looked at us all dumbfounded so we decided just to go for the regular "Hi we're missionaries for the church..." and so on, but she said,  "Oh I know who you are come in."  I'm taking way too long but she sat us down and told us that she was a member of the church but she hadn't been coming for a long time, she started going to another church with her husband because the other church speaks Spanish, which is her native language and her husbands only language.  She said she had been praying and praying for help to go back to church.  With tears in her eyes she looked at us and said, "Heavenly father answered my prayers by sending me these two angels, the other church just isn't the same, I need to go back".

By far the coolest experience ever... She didn't come on Sunday but we are still in touch with her and are still working on helping her come back.  I think the biggest problem is that she isn't strictly legal in the country, but there are a lot of people like that.

Well that was my week! Make sure you check the Liahona!

Avec amour,
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