Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

Bonjour tous!

This week was very different.  Well, mostly just because the last two days were General Conference and also the new senior couple came in!  The work throughout this week was a little tough.  We were trying so hard to get people to come to Conference this weekend but we just couldn't find anybody to come.  We got some lessons in with some of our regular investigators, but most of the days our rendez-vous fell through, sometimes before we even left the house!  Normally we call people in the morning to make sure they know we are coming over and on Wednesday and Thursday everyone said that they were too busy or wouldn't be there.  BUT all's well that ends well, even better when it ends with General Conference, am I right?

So Friday night we had a branch basketball game, sadly only the missionaries and Fr. Lagin, our branch mission leader showed up.  But we invited all the kids that were there and were passing by, it was still a good time.  After that Elder Johnston and I stayed at the Fort-de-France apartment for the weekend. Saturday we got up, did our studies and then went to the church to set up the conference.  We had English set up in one of the classes and French in the main room.  During conference the we all switched languages to see how much we got.  I did pretty well with the French when I went to listen in, but its hard to pay attention because if your mind wanders a little you miss a lot.  But I loved it.  I learned so much, not so much with the information I would say, but just listening in and thinking to myself personally and applying things to myself is where I really learned the most.  One talk that I really loved was in the priesthood session, sadly I don't have my notes with me so I can't really expound to much, but Hallstrom had a really good talk and so did Ridd right after him.  I really enjoy listening to the speakers from the Seventy who we don't hear from too often.  They just have a different style and its something new.  I did enjoy, you know, I could sit here and just list all the people I liked but I would probably just list them all... haha!

We stayed in Fort-de-France all three nights and for the most part we stayed at the church doing studies and talking with members in between sessions during the day and at the end of the Sunday evening session.  Then the missionaries went to the new senior couple's apartment to eat tous ensemble.  Their name is the Turner's and they are from Canada, not Quebec so they don't speak French, but they are very nice! haha!

I got your package on Friday.  Do you think I'm going through deodorant like crazy or something, I mean its hot but I'm still on about the third stick and you've sent one every package...  :)  I'll be watching for the next one! haha

Kyle and I send each other an email every week.  Usually its just a funny picture or story of something that happened during the week. There was a long chain email going around from everybody in our school giving updates, it was pretty cool. That was the last time I heard of how Brad and Dallin are doing.

We were able to visit the guy from the Cyber-base and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he is really intent on reading it.  We called him and he was talking to us about his search and that he hasn't found a response to his prayers yet, but he said all that without our asking so we know he's been doing it!  He's trying and I'm praying for him!

Something I am working on studying right now in Pr√™chez Mon √Čvangile is chapter 10.  I've really been focusing on how I can better relay this message, how to better connect with people and how to get them to really understand instead of  just agreeing with what we say and learning nothing.  Its tough.  President Mehr has also asked us to memorize a scripture, a statement of doctrine, and an inspired question for every point of doctrine in the lessons, so that's taking up some of my time.  In the mornings we have personal and companionship study until 10:00 then leave to work, with our language study being the last thing of the day right before bed because that is usually an ineffective proselyting time, as we missionaries say.

I love all of you so much and I love hearing from all of you.  Oh, I did get your post card too!  Its nice that Tahiti is French!  Mail goes nice and smoothly between French countries!

Have a wonderful week!
avec amour,
Elder Call

So we tried to make a cake for Sr. Martial's Birthday, but it didn't really turn into a cake... We took it to her anyways because she would get a laugh out of it, we tried it and surprisingly it was pretty good! Haha! It tasted like chocolaty caramel with a crust on the top. Not sure what happened but it was fun!

Have you ever drank chocolate milk from a coconut?  I have, its amazing!

Watching Conference