Monday, December 16, 2013

Just the three of us...

Bonjour ma famille!
Comment allez-vous?

First off way to go on the French!  Aussi, I just think its crazy that you shared that little spiritual message at the end of the letter and my mission president shared close to the same thing in his letter. I should probably take the hint... haha thanks for that!

Haha, my friends all stopped by?  That's awesome!  My friends are the best!  Thanks ladies for taking care of my mom! haha!  How did you get the picture of all them at the temple?  You didn't go with them, did you...?

So something cool, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Kinda, There are Christmas lights on all the roads of the city and the big mall has loads of lights!!  We might try to get a picture of it sometime. Other than that its all about the same, except it's rained every single day this week!  At least two or three times a day we get a flash rainstorm, then it gets back to normal hot weather.

So this week was different than usual, Elder Santos got flown up to Trinidad for a zone leader meeting of some sort, so us three were in a trio taking both of the areas.  It was awesome haha! We had to teach in both areas so we never had much time to just knock doors, there was always someone to teach!  Also the day that Elder Santos left, there was all of the sudden this big 'ol gas strike throughout the city... and we were low on gas from driving him out to the airport.  So, we decided to bike the rest of the week which wasn't TOO bad, until my bike broke.  The pedal broke off, again, and I could'nt really fix it this time because the spare pedals we had were all too big to fit on.  So we had to drive in our car to the rest of our appointments.  I was praying pretty hard that we wouldn't run out of gas, that would have been no good.  As soon as we drove out, the gas station by our place wasn't on a strike anymore.  Either it was the lamest strike in history or an answer to my prayers, I prefer to believe the latter.

Oh and by the way we got the package, and it is quite awesome!  We went crazy with those decorations! haha Yeah, we opened two days because it was two days late, hope that's OK!

I'm planning to Skype with you guys at 16h our time and yes, we have to share the one computer. I'll just go two hours before him.  I'm really excited to talk to everybody!!!!

We didn't really get any new contacts this week but we did get another baptism date fixed!!!  This lady Alina that we contacted a while ago, I don't remember if I told you about her yet so I will again.  She's so cool!!!  The first day we met her we shared the Plan of Salvation because she had a lot of questions about it.  She ate it all up and told us to come back the next day.  When we did she had read through the brochure TWICE and even took notes on the whole thing!  She's done the same with the Restoration brochure and the first few chapters of the Book of Mormon, she tells us that she had heard it before but couldn't remember where she thinks she saw a video on a plane or something about the Book of Mormon.  One visit she asked us out of nowhere if we believed in shooting stars, we said, uh... yeah, I've wished on shooting stars.  She said the week we met her she had wished on a shooting star that someone would come help her understand these things, then BOOM we show up!  WHAT!? haha  She even said that she knows all of it is true!  We fixed a date de baptême for the 11 Janvier!

I don't think we're doing anything for Christmas mission-wise, the missionaries in Trinidad are probably doing something with the president like they did with Thanksgiving, but I doubt they could for everyone else.  We have a branch party and talent show thing this Saturday though!

This week we were passing by some houses as the trio, and asked this one lady if we could help her, she was painting her house.  She got super excited and asked if we could move this rubbish pile that was by her house.  She told us just to scatter everything so that her son doesn't hurt himself climbing on it or something, so we shoveled a rubbish pile!  It felt great doing service!!!

I love you all SOO much, I can't wait to see you for Christmas!!!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

I found this Chinese thing at Alecida's house.  Tell dad I'm learning Chinese!

This was a crazy apartment we found.  It looks like it's a crazy tourist knick-knack shop!

Moving the rubbish pile

The three of us on our own this week

Elder Miyasaki's face after he ate your delicious caramels.  He loved them.  I was going to share with the other Elders, but he said no...

Some of the Christmas decorations you sent