Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm heading to Guadaloupe!

Bonjour Ma famille,

Well, it took longer than I thought but you finally forgot about me... I didn't get a letter.... So I guess I'll just have to write one to you and hope you're still reading these.... ;)
Apparently my email sent but the letter wasn't included.  Strange...

I felt really good this week, despite the the fact that I am going to be leaving for Guadeloupe now.  First off, we had 131 people at Church!  It was probably the greatest Sunday to have ever been the last Sunday on Martinique, I am so grateful to have been here to see these wonderful people experience such success!  I had to say goodbye to everybody and break the news that I was leaving because they only announced that Elder Fraley was leaving (heading to St. Martin) during sacrament because I showed up late (not a bad missionary, we just had to help show Clavel, the Cuban family how to get to Church) After Church we all ate and I tried to tell everybody and take pictures, but my camera stopped working.  My first thought was "not again..." but finally I got it up and running, so no worries.

During the week I was able to get in contact with some good people. We saw Tania who lives in Trois Ilet. Her only problem is that she doesn't have a car.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, she says she knows its true, she has spiritual experiences every time we come over, and she called us last night to tell us "thank you" for having found her and taught her because she was praying and received a confirmation that it was true and just felt so grateful.  She wants to talk to her family, she is THE MOST prepared person I have ever met.  Just thinking about it blows my mind.  She has a date for the 27th and she is thinking and praying about it, I am sure sure she'll receive an answer that it is what she should do.

Dana on the other hand has plateaued.  We started her off on the book of Mormon, she has been reading on her own, but she doesn't remember that much of what she read.  She was supposed to come to Church but again she didn't make it.

The Clavel-Manuel family got home from Cuba and the mom actually came to Church!  It was the first time! It was only because I was leaving, but she really liked it and she said she was going to come back.  I told her that I was leaving Saturday night and she was really sad and I felt really awkward.  She kept explaining deep Spanish phrases to me about how she felt that I was leaving, I wasn't really sure what to think. haha, but I was happy to have made such an impression on her.

Then on Sunday afternoon after we finished cleaning up, we stopped by the Martials to give Arik and Samuel-Lee blessings for back to school.  I felt very honored to be asked to do it and it was very spiritual and I felt very happy.  It was the last goodbye for them because I am going to stop by to see them once more, but it was pretty sad.

So the next time you hear from me I will be in Guadeloupe.  I'm going to have to learn a whole other form of créole again, but I am excited.  I am going to Basse-Terre to be with Elder Drennan who left last transfer.  It should be good, we were good friends already.

Well I am out of time, its not a great letter, but hey, at least it is a letter,right? ;) hahaha

I love you all and I'm sorry the pictures were slow.
avec amour,
Elder Call

Photo bombing the Turner's at the botanical gardens

Here fishy, fishy...

 The Sillions

Record attendance at church.  131 people!  Amazing!