Monday, September 1, 2014

A blessing 9 months in the making!

Bonjour Ma famille!

This week was surprisingly good.  Again we didn't have much working time, but I thought that it was spent well.

I also had a miracle, well actually I think you guys did.  During this week where I have been having a lot of time to myself, with Elder Glover being sick, I had time to look though all of my stuff.  While I was searching I stumbled upon a photo that you had sent me around Thanksgiving of last year.  You had sent it telling me to find someone to give it to with your testimony written on the back before Christmas.   Obviously I didn't end up doing that, (Sorry!  I just never found anybody that I felt good about giving it to)  I decided to slip it into my proselyting scriptures with the English translation and take it with me.  The next day with Dana we had a great lesson where we started her officially reading the BOM from page 1.  At the end she randomly asked about how our families were doing, which I realize now almost never happens with investigators!  I instantly remembered the photo and gave it to her.  She teared up as she was reading it and the spirit was really strong.  I see now how the Lord was slowly preparing that miracle, and I want to thank you for allowing it to happen, she told me to thank you!

We also found a lady on Sunday in Trois ├«lets who wants to get baptized.  We were teaching the Restoration and as she read how Joseph Smith had "lacked wisdom".  She paused and said that she had been telling herself that the entire week.  The spirit testified really strongly at that moment.  She seems very sincere and agreed to be baptized even though she doesn't understand why she has to get re-baptized.  We even asked if she could work towards the 27 of September for baptism.  I felt like it was really, really rushed and we kind of overwhelmed her, but she felt the spirit and I think she agreed.

Elder Glover and I have been doing really well this week.  On Friday during companionship study we had a long talk about our weaknesses and trials and it was really good.  We talked about regrets we had and our general overall thoughts of the mission,.  We both have determined to do a lot better.  I have felt myself improve a lot recently and I feel a lot more hopeful about the future.

So, this week was a little like last week until Thursday when we were able to get out working and saw Dana. Our power got shut off on Thursday as well.  We had some mix up with the propri├Ętaire (it's the same word in English but I forgot how to spell it in English...)  We thought that he was supposed to be paying the power bill because I had gotten a notice with Elder Johnston some 5 months ago saying that they were going to shut it off around June or so.  It never happened so we assumed that he took care of it.  I guess they decided to turn it off.  So we have been staying in the tiny Lamentin apartment for the end of the week waiting for them to turn it back on.

Elder Glover is still douloureux in pain but the fever is gone and I got him out working this weekend.
I feel fortunate that I haven't gotten sick.  I have been staying with a chickengotten Elder (not actually a word but it's what we call people that get chikungunya) for a long while now and it hasn't gotten me yet!

I also went on an exchange with Elder Fraley on Saturday right after we helped Trinite move.  It was really nice to get with him one more time.  Oh yeah, we are getting our transfer calls this Saturday, and its been a good long time since we have both been here, we might get separated....

Well I love y'all!  I love my mission and I love this gospel!

avec amour!
Elder Call