Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Joyeux Noël!

Bonjour ma famille!!!

Sorry that there was no email yesterday.  We are going to have a mission-wide online conference thing in a couple hours so the president told us to take P-day today.

Man, I'm getting so excited for tomorrow!!  I don't even know what to say!  So I just finished fixing up the Skype account and everything seems ready to go!!  Haha so this letter might not be too long sorry, I was spending a lot of time getting that all set up, and it was in French for the first part. Then I realized I could just change it to English... Its all good now!

So the best part of the week was the Christmas party, we sang the songs that we did for the rest home and then there was Indian (from India) dance performed by Sr. Bakch and S.r Anthony who are both from Guyana hence, they are Indian, then the Société de Secours did a Christmas sketch that was super hilarious!

We had a long work week this week though, not too many lessons.  But we did meet a lot of people.  We even met this one lady who invited us over for tonight with her family, she's going to have a family Christmas party and she will make banane pesé:)  Also when we knocked her door she brought us in and we tried to help her clean her house, she was painting it and everything, she said no then gave us food. haha  What stinks is that we started eating, it was delicious, then Elder Miyasaki and I looked at each other and realized that we were in the middle of a fast... Shoot... So we had to start it over after we left. haha. The lady is named Mdm. Holland and apparently she has seen the missionaries before and fed them all the time!

I will plan to Skype at 4:00 my time, 12:00 your time.  I'll add you to my contacts and call you then.

This week we had another exchange, I went with E.Santos in our area. We found a family with 5 young men in it, we taught all of them and we keep thinking how cool it would be to get 5 new priesthood holders in this branch...

The Party at the Presidents for Elder Fraley's birthday was fun!  We sang happy birthday in 5 languages! We all sang French, the Elders in English, the D'Abreu's in Portuguese, President in Spanish, and Elder Miyasaki in Japanese!  At the end of the 5 songs little Momo cried "Arrête! Arrête les chansons! Je veux manger le gâteau!" Stop it, stop the songs, I want to eat cake!  He's a funny little guy! 

I love all of you and can't wait to see you guys again tomorrow!!  Joyeux Noël!!!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

The Relief Society doing a funny skit at the Christmas party

Sr. Edith and Matthieu

So the little kid in the middle is Otilly, we met him by Sr.Edith and her son Leo, He and Leo are friends along with the rest of those kids and we invited them all to come to the party and they actually came! They talk a lot but they are funny. Leo is on the right. and that's Brian in the blue. 

Sr. D'Arbreu had me stir the chocolate pudding for the party, but I had to wear the apron and mitt whilst doing it, no complaints though... haha

Elder Fraley's party