Monday, June 16, 2014

Enjoying raclettes

Bonjour Maman!

This week was pretty good as usual.  The World Cup has really gotten started, and no I did not watch it, but I know everything that's going on because there's not a person on this island that isn't watching it.  So no matter where I go I can hear it blaring, its very tempting haha.  I was in a lesson and someone was watching a game in the other room.  Oh man, it was hard to stay focused... haha.  I heard that Spain got beat 5 to 1 par Pays-Bas (Netherlands) what?! haha  And also if there is France playing, absolutely everyone is watching the game and will not give us the time of day, especially when its Fathers Day haha!

Not too much else special happened this week.  Edwin came to church again which was really exciting, what twelve year old boy likes to go to church, let alone when he's the only one in his family going?  I'm not complaining!  We have been trying and trying to get a hold of his Mom and brother but apparently his mom is assisting a lady deal with rehab to drugs and spends a lot of her time with her to watch her.  His brother is just never around, unless we play soccer.

We saw Claudia again this week and she is doing really well.  She has been reading from the Book of Mormon very regularly and almost memorizes and recites everything she reads to us when we come by.  She says she's been thinking about baptism but is worried about her family.  Also she doesn't have a way to get to church...

You didn't tell me about dad getting a call in the high council, is it a student ward again, or what?

I love the talks you send me and I hope you keep doing it.  Also I suggest you listen to some talks on  There are some really amazing talks in there.  I download them and we listen to them in the car, which is nice.

This week for PMG I finished lesson 2 the Plan of Salvation.  I didn't get any new ideas this time around but I was thinking a lot about the spirit world after our death and what it would really be like.  I can't really explain my thoughts, especially when I don't have a lot of time, maybe I'll write a letter about some of the stuff I am learning.

The best thing of the week is Jean-Claude!  Remember the story about the guy that ran after us into the building by the Chinese restaurant that sold dim sum!?  He finally got baptized and is preparing for a mission!!!

Elder Miyasaki isn't in French Guiana anymore.  He is one of 4 zone leaders on Guadaloupe right now, I'm going to see him again in July for zone conference!

We had a fast with Fr. Renard and Sr. Telcide to help the missionary work and to help them share their baptism with their family and friends, it was really good, and we ate... can't get much better;)  That's what some of the pictures are.

Transfers are this week and I'm staying.  Elder Drennan is going to Guadeloupe, Elder Ardeche is going to English Guiana, Elder Lewis is coming to be with Elder Bodily, Elder Dayton is the new zone leader with Elder Jex, and Elder Russel is coming back from English Guiana to be with Elder Fraley.

I love you all!  Have a great week!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Fr. Renard and Sr. Telcide

We're eating Raclettes, its a type of cheese that you melt and pour on top of cold cuts of meat and potatoes, its delicious.  I've come to love cheese, I had no choice, after all...this is France!

Hiking Mt. Pelee again.  I'm getting good at it!