Monday, November 4, 2013

Too many baguettes and nutella?

Bonjour ma famille!!

First off, I miss the snow... Man if anything its getting hotter here haha! I think the rainy season is starting too, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all rain off and on.  The rain here is pretty crazy!

Brianna on a date is still super weird but I guess shes gotta grow up, especially since she'll be a senior when I get home!  Sounds like shes doing well! She looks good in that picture!

Thanks for your ideas Mom!  We need to be doing something big to get the work really going here! We have a service project coming up, it was supposed to be on the 2nd of Nov. but the Branch President is still talking to the mayor to get something or other.  So we should have something soon!

Hey make sure you tell Grandma thanks for the money!  I used it to buy a Paris Saint-Germain Jersey that was only 30€! its a bit tight but I love it haha!  I guess it'll encourage me to work out... and slow down with the baguettes with nutella, of which I've had plenty :)

Uh... I haven't seen any letters... the only ones I've gotten was that first one from Kenzie and Sabey and one other from the sister in our ward, hers actually was given to me by the assistants when they came by because it went to the MTC first and had to be sent to the mission office.

As for what to get me for my birthday, I can't think of anything honest!  Maybe some of those journals that I got as gifts because mines almost full and maybe some other notebooks because the ones I can buy here are weird... Some ties would be great, always, these ones are getting a little old after 4 months of the same ones.  And also maybe some card games would be cool!  We play Dominoes before bed but it would be nice to have something else too.
Didn't he say he couldn't think of anything??

Basically every lesson we have is with a new investigator, the problem is getting a second lesson. We have one man named Smith (he was super excited that Joseph Smith had the same name) he's from Brasil and we are feeling pretty good about him, but this week we went to teach a second lesson and he said he was really busy and to come again this week, but we still have high hopes. Kettlie came to church on Sunday!  I've had her as an ami de l'église friend from church since I got here and she had already had all the lessons so we've just been trying to get her to recognize a response from the spirit as well as to come to church.  We finally said we were going to come walk with her to church and she came with us!  It was the best!

The last baptism in Guyane was Jeffrey Joseph, who is from Guyane anglais English Guyana but I am not too sure the exact date, at least two months or more before I got here I think.

I haven't spoken in Sacrament Meeting but we switch off on the lesson every Sunday in church between the 4 Elders.  I've given two or three of those, and I bore my testimony the first Sunday.

Probably the coolest thing that happened this week was Kettlie coming to church which was awesome!  We are teaching Frère Vivet Prêchez Mon Évangile so he can share the gospel better with his friends, and of course we had the 6 lesson day on Wednesday!  Nothing to outstandingly spectacular but it was a good week.

We don't have daylight savings time down here so now we're 4 hours ahead of you.  We're too near the equator so the sunlight is the same all year round, and the weather!

I love all of you so much and I love hearing from you!  Keep sending pictures of all the stuff going on, maybe some more please:)  Oh that's something else, I would like you to send me is some pictures! haha thanks!

Avec amour
Elder Call