Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Companion

Bonjour ma famille!

Well I guess I'll get to the questions off the bat.

My new companion's name is Elder Stewart-Johnson, he's great!  I like him a lot!  Yes, I misspelled his name last week, actually I didn't know half of it...  He's from Arlington Texas.  We are going to have a good time together, I feel like he's already trained haha, all I have to do is help him with his French!

They did open the package, they opened the wrapped socks then re-taped it up, not sure what they were taking out of the socks but it had a note  in there about something glass. But all the others were still wrapped up.

So first off I am District Leader, and well, not too much has changed with that other than I have to call in at nights to see how everyone is doing.  I won't be teaching any district meetings until next week so its not really too different so far.  Training is great.  It's different being the older compainon, I've only had companions that have been out longer than I have so its been easy for me if I ever have questions about anything, now its me that needs to answer all the questions.  Definitely a change of roles.  But its great.  Elder Stewart-Johnson is a great guy and full of energy haha!  He's ready to conquer the world and I think its a great thing.  He's ready to talk to everyone and is not afraid at all that he doesn't know French!  I think I'll be learning a lot from him.

The Pommiers are doing alright.  They were going to come to church this week but I'm not sure what happened yet.  Church was at Capesterre so it was a ways to go.  I'm still working on translating and haven't gotten the letter to her yet.

We saw a pretty cool miracle this week.  As I took Elder Stewart-Johnson to go get his first bokit on Guadeloupe, one of our really cool contacts happened to be working at the stall that sold it.  I was going to take him to a different place because I had gone to this particular stall a couple times but he told me, "nah lets just go here because you know its good."  So we did and it happened to be her first day on the job.  We contacted her (Tisha) a while back and couldn't get a hold of her.  So we were able to fix a rendezvous and we taught her the next day about the Book of Mormon and she really understood it and is going to pray about it!  Elder Stewart-Johnson has been making deals with everyone that he'll teach them English if they teach him French and we have been getting some good teaching opportunities from that!

Well I hope all is well on the mainland!  Hope you get some snow and save some for me, and tell Brianna not to forget to shave that beard, its getting pretty long ;)

je vous aime tous!
avec amour,
Elder Call