Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transfers and p-day fun

Bonjour tout le monde!

SO... this week we changed P-day to Tuesday so that we could go with the Sillon family on an adventure, they've been trying to get us to do it for a while now and Tuesday is their only free day.  So this week we're doing it and they said its going to take a long time so we had to get up really early to come and do our emails before we leave.  I'm finally going to see some waterfalls!  Its about time!  Other than that they say its a surprise, I should have some good photos for next week! And lots to talk about on Sunday!

We got our transfer calls this week, Elder Johnston is going to be leaving to Guadeloupe on Wednesday. He's been here for almost 10 months now... It's about time he gets to move around.  I'm glad I didn't get stuck too long in Guyane.  I do miss it a lot but I don't think that I could last that long in one place.  Elder Glover is going to be coming down to be with me.  I met him during zone conference, I didn't get too much time to talk to him but I think I'm going to like him, he plays soccer, it should be fun.

It was a good week, I don't think we got too many new investigators.  We had one day up in les Desmariniers when we walked into a little neighborhood and were talking to one guy, then everybody started coming outside and talking with us.  We met about 10 people in a good 15 minute span.  When we gave the first guy a brochure someone else called out, "Hey can I have one too?"  and so on and so on.  We are going back on Wednesday and Elder Glover will be with me

I did get the package.  Thank you for the tie from New Zealand!  The tie with the All Blacks team is really cool!

On Sunday we are going to be Skyping at the church.  I'm getting on at 7:00 (19:00) and that should be 5:00 for you but I expect you to know the math better than I do... haha I'm so excited!!!!

We taught Dana this week and we shared a mormon message about coming to church and the spirit was so strong.  Sr. Martial who was there with us then shared an incredible story about a miracle of finding money to go to the temple.  She said that she was about to leave and she had no money but a member came up to her and said that she had set aside money for her, though she wasn't sure why she did it.

I love you all!
TALK TO YOU ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avec amour,
 Elder Call

Watch out for men riding cows!

Pot luck dinner after church 

Teaching this boy to tie a tie

Visit to rocher du diamant last p-day