Monday, December 1, 2014

Trainer and District Leader

Bonjour Maman/ ma famille

Well first things first, we got our transfer calls and there is going to be quite a bit that is changing...  No I'm not moving so don't worry abut that.  BUT Elder Drennan will be going up to Baie-Mahault to be with Elder Broadbent while Elder Santos goes home (*sad sniffle)  Elder Glover is going to be coming back up to Guadeloupe and is opening a new area in Petit Bourg with Elder Ehlert.  Elder Lever is coming up form Guyane to Capesterre to replace him.  The district is getting split into two, north and south.  As for me, I got called to be the district leader in the south district and I will also be training, my new companion will be Elder Johnson who is probably just getting into Trinidad at the mission home.  Its going to be a pretty crazy transfer to say the least!

Also I got the birthday packages!  Thanks everyone!  It was awesome!  I have so much cake I don't know what to do with it!  Also I got your letter for Sr. Pommier, I am working on translating it, the Google translation you sent was a bit interesting haha!

This week however was a good one.  Our numbers hadn't been the greatest recently, just trying to get a hold of people and finding people.  But this week we had a lot of exchanges because we had to make them up for the whole transfer.  But all the time that we had in the area we got to work.  Mostly we knocked doors, but we found some petty good people and yesterday at church a new member showed up that has two kids. One boy about to turn 12 this month, which means we'll have a deacon!  Woot!  The branch is really starting to progress and I am very excited.  I am also loving having Fr. Duflo as the Branch mission leader, its going to be fun!

I had a great party thanks to all of you and the birthday stuff, funny thing is, you sent me so many scripture marking supplies, but none of it was actually purple.... There was a purple pencil, but it just had normal pencil lead in it... haha!  I think its hilarious!  But don't worry, if I find time this week or the next I'm just going to go buy one thanks to the money I was given by Chris and Grandmère K! Thanks!

I would have loved to send you the picture of all the cakes that I have, but the pictures are being weird, hopefully you got that one you were wanting for the card I also hope it was what you were looking, it was the best I could do with the time I had.

I can't wait to talk to you all for Christmas!!
avec amour,
Elder Call