Saturday, April 4, 2015

Favorite Sunday on my mission!


Well sadly, my email didn't work until I had just about 15 minutes left so I'm going to do my best to get as much of your beloved info in here. 

Zone conference was last Sunday and we had our interviews this Tuesday. It was nice, nothing to exciting but I felt good talking to the president, he told me that he's going to move me this transfer which will be next week. He also told me about the deal with getting home. I'll be going home the same day as Elder Fraley. They are cutting my last transfer a week short so that the new presidents don't come in on a weird mid transfer thing. So I'm getting shorted a week...

Yesterday was an awesome Sunday, one of my favorites on the mission. It was a fast and testimony meeting and everybody had a chance to share. The spirit was so strong, especially when David got up and bore a testimony about trials of faith that he had and how he was thankful that they brought him closer to God. Afterwards everybody talked about trials. It was very powerful. Then he helped me teach the gospel principles class and bore an awesome testimony on baptism. It was really cool. I felt very thankful to be a part of this branch, and with general conference next week, it may have been the last Sunday I get to see everybody.

Sr. Duflo got called to be the Sunday School teacher, the Pommiers are going through interviews with the Branch President and should be getting callings soon as well. Its just great. I love these people! We went to the Duflo's house last night and sang some hymns. Sr. Duflo wanted to come with us to help teach some people. Its most definitly one of the places that I want to come back and visit after the mission. Its going ot be very hard to say goodbye. David and Cindy keep asking if I can get permission to spend a whole day with them haha, we are going to try to drive to Pointe de Chateau next P-day (which is actually going to be on Tuesday next week so don't freak out, because of the holiday everything will be closed and we won't be able to email until Tuesday)

I love you all so very much! Tell dad I'm sorry I could shoot him an email today but I'll get back to him, I love reading his emails haha! I love yours too, don't get me wrong, I love all emails!
I love you all!

avec amour,
Elder Call