Monday, December 2, 2013

PICTURES!!! Parties and more parties!

Bonjour tout le monde!!!

Well there is so much to tell about this week, mostly about my Birthday and Thanksgiving so I don't know how much other stuff I can get in there but I will try!  Hmm... Where to start...  Well we planned Thanksgiving for us 4 Guyane Elders on P-day, Monday, and everybody had to make something.  I made some mashed potatoes with garlic in it, Elder Fraley made the ham and he poured brown sugar on it and pineapple, Elder Santos made this broccoli casserole that didn't look so good when it came out but it was really good, especially on top of my potatoes, and Elder Miyasaki made fried chicken.  Man it was good!!! haha!  We had sparkling cider and everything!  It was a blast, kinda stressful because the preparation took awhile so we didn't have that much time to eat before we had to go back to work at 18 heures.  We had like 40 minutes... we ate a lot really fast.  That night we went to the Françiettes house for soirée familial family home evening where I found out it was her birthday on Saturday too!  They fed us crepes... I was already stuffed from Thanksgiving but it was so delicious!

So then on Tuesday or Wednesday we visited the Narine family, no wait, Soeur Narine told us she was having a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday because it was her birthday and she has been really sick for the past 4 years, so sick that doctors turned her away saying there was nothing they could do for her and that she didn't have long to live.  So after surviving 4 years of that she was throwing a party for her birthday and she said it would be like a Thanksgiving.  Then I picked up the package on Wednesday because we had a hard time timing it right with the delivery dude, he would leave with it every time we went to pick it up and he couldn't get in the gate to knock the door, I doubt he tried too hard, but finally we told them just to leave it there for us to pick up.  So I had the package and had to wait till Saturday to open the presents, I opened the letters... I couldn't wait haha!!  Thanks everyone for those!!!  Anywho... Thats what I did first thing Saturday morning. Then we worked through the whole day, it was a rough day, a lot of appointments fell through and we had to drop an investigator who had taken all the lessons, some twice, and wouldn't change. We are keeping in contact with her but its just up to her now to make the change she already said everything was true but she wont be baptized... Its very sad.  Alors, at the end of the day we were helping the Narines set up for the party.  It was in this little alley in front of their house.  They invited all the members and even their non-member friends and neighbors and they had a TON of soup, and rice and chicken.  Holy cow it was awesome!  Anyway they had a huge program and everything set up with testimonies and musical numbers sang by some members.  It was so cool. She had like 5 cakes too!!  Everyone brought a cake for her and her son's wife is like a chef or something because she made 3 or so of them and they were delicious!  Most of the time I was talking to non-members, introducing the church and making friends with them.  It was so cool... When Soeur Narine bore her testimony (she's from Guiana Anglais) I had to translate for when she went off in English.  One time she changed back to French and I didn't even realize she started speaking French, so I was just repeating what she said.  Everyone got a good laugh out of that.  It was a good day.  We had to leave early being missionaries and all but it was awesome...

You asked about the gun laws and nope, there are no guns.  France has very strict gun laws, that's what my French MTC teacher said.  She says that it's nearly impossible to get a gun and people would freak out if someone carried one around.

We found a couple of people to teach this week.  One guy came up to us while we were in the middle of a lesson and asked if we were the Mormons and said he wanted to get in contact with us again.  He came to church the next day and we taught him.  He wouldn't tell us where he lived but we have his number so we'll try to set something up.  We also met these two ladies that live together but one speaks English only and the other only speaks French.  We basically taught two different lessons at the same time going from French to English and English to French.  Belinda, the English one seems really seriously into it and she even said she knew that it was all true wanted to be baptized!  We want to bring a French member and an English member and do two split member lessons, we'll see if we can get it to happen!  Mdm. St-Aubin has been really hard to get a hold of recently but she was committed to baptism.

I love all of you so much!!!!
avec amour
Elder Call

Our Thanksgiving Feast!

Birthday presents!

Birthday party with the Elders

Party at Sr. Narine's

Seour Françiette and Seour Narine

A little gift I got myself!

Hmmm...lets just say I don't need to worry about Braden ever going hungry!  He mentioned that they're going to start riding their bikes more.  Sounds like a good idea if he wants to keep wearing those pants!