Monday, November 18, 2013

Staying in Guyane


Things are still the same for me here in Guyane.  No changes or transfers here this week.  We're all staying put.  Me and Elder Miyasaki are still partying it up together!  I have no clue what happened elsewhere until we get a transfer sheet emailed to E. Santos for where everyone is in the mission, but we didn't get one last time.

In news about the letters, I did finally get one letter from Ellen Milburn.  It was sent on October 22, but that's the only letter I've received.  None from anyone else.

I got the chance to go back to that inactive sister's house.  We went with president D'Abreu, who speaks Spanish so that helped a lot!  She even came to church yesterday! It was great!

You asked if they have plans to put more Elders here in Guyane.  Not that I have heard of, Pres. Mehr said he wanted to when he was here but I haven't heard of anything yet.  We'll probably hear about it before it happens because we will have to get new apartments and stuff for when they get here, or to get things ready in our own if they plan on fitting 2 more in ours, which there is room for, maybe.  I think it would be cool having 4 Elders in an apartment.

I have no idea what I want for Christmas.  You know I can't think of Christmas before my birthday!! haha

Oh man we ate GOOD this week!  We had a lot of money left over for the transfer so we ate out quite a bit.  We went to a Chinese restaurant and we also had "Madras" which is a local specialty. Its basically a heart attack on a bun but it was super good!  Kettlie fed us some Colombo, it was delicious.  Its basically curry with different spices.  The President fed us tripe too haha! Stomach lining of a cow or sheep...yum... Not gonna lie, it was weird but I have yet to eat something that was gross, I've liked just about all of it!  Man... I'm scared I'm gonna get fat...

This week was a little tough.  We had an exchange on Friday, I went with Elder Fraley and we taught together in their area. While I was away the others committed my first contact to baptism which is awesome, but I was upset that I couldn't be there... With Elder Fraley we went and contacted this jungle street, like a major jungle street.  It went DEEP into the rainforest haha. Most of the people only spoke Spanish but we found this one house with two guys out front.  We introduced ourselves as missionaries and they told us, in English, that we had to speak to "the boss" so they opened the door and we spoke to the guy inside.  He was a Rastafarian and we had an interesting conversation about the bible and Elder Fraley was talking about Joseph Smith and the restoration.  We had a fun conversation with his whole posse.  I'm pretty sure he was a gang boss or something but he seemed pretty cool haha!

Well I gotta go! I would really like some pictures of whatever is going on with everyone!  Also tell Jordan to send me some Spanish I can use, and sorry dad I'll respond to your letter next week!!!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

This is Madras. It's like a hamburger with everything on it.  But the special part is the Piment (Peemo) sauce which is a pepper paste that's hot, notice how I am sweating haha

Opening a jar of spaghetti sauce that exploded everywhere! Oops!

Elder Miyasaki et moi chillin' playing dominoes before bed with a tub of ice cream.
Apparently when you don't live with your mother you can just throw your mattress on the floor and sleep wherever you want!  Life is good!