Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baptism in Guadeloupe!


Sorry you're just getting this email today on Tuesday, yesterday all the email places were closed because of Carnival and the place where we usually go was in Carnival central, but the sisters convinced their friends that own this place in Goyave to open shortly for us.  So here I am, I don't have a lot of time but it was a great week!  David and Cindy were baptized!!!

This week was crazy.  We tried to see the David and Cindy everyday this week.  It was tough but we did good.  They have been reading and praying as a family and they are just perfect.  David wanted me to baptize him and Cindy wanted Elder S-J to baptize her because I gave David his Book of Mormon and the same for the others haha.  The day of the baptism we met at the church before we went out to the ocean for the ordinance.  The day was beautiful and sunny, but not hot.  I will be honest I was pretty nervous going up to it.  I mean, I had no idea what I what I was doing.  But everything worked out just fine.  I was sort of expecting to have an incredible, over-powering, spiritual experience during it, but I didn't.  I felt good, calm, and at peace.  Nothing spectacular, nothing unnecessary.  It just felt right.  The best part was seeing David giving Cindy a hug after she stepped out of the ocean.

The confirmation on Sunday was also great.  We had a bunch of people at church and I am talking with Pres. Mehr about turning the group into a branch, and we are trying to take the next steps.  I'm really excited for this area.  Good things are coming in the future.  We are teaching Johanna, Sr. Abenzsoar's friend that she invited to church a while back.  She has come 3 times now and is reading the Book of Mormon, but has recently been really busy.  She even shared the Book of Mormon with her boyfriend, who has read a little himself!

Things are great on the islands, I'm happy as can be.  Thank you everybody for your prayers and support, I love you all.  Faith can move mountains!

Transfers calls are this Saturday so I'll be telling you whats going on next Monday.

avec amour,
Elder Call

David, Cindy and Mindiya

I love this photo of David and Cindy