Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bonjour de Martinique!

Bonjour Tout le monde, plutôt, Maman ;)

This week was good, not the best. We only had Edwin come to church which was really cool and he really liked it, but Dana couldn't make it. She went with her family on a little outing for the holiday weekend (pentecôte) But it sounds like you all had a good time in Florida! Can't believe you could go without me!

Things are going well with Elder Glover and I, sometimes he makes me slow down and not get too stressed out trying to get everything done which is good. We are having a lot of fun together and I feel comfortable with him. So thats nice.

One good experience we had this week was with a lady named Claudia, who Elder Johnston and I met one of my first weeks on Martinique. We had lost contact with her after seeing her once but she called us a while ago and asked us to pray for her friend in the hospital out of the blue.  After that we couldn't find her again. Last week she called again to see "how things were doing" she even remembered my name, apparently she has an amazing memory.  Finally this week we were able to teach her again. she was able to recite back to me quote of the first vision, sadly when I had recited it to her, I stumbled on my words or something because she had thought I had said "un Colombe (dove) de lumière" instead of "Colonne de lumière" So she thought that God and Jesus Christ appeared on a dove of light to Joseph Smith.... Lucky that's all squared away now.

I did get the package.  And I didn't know it had been opened!  I guess you won't be able to send mousse any more.  Unfortunately they don't have any of that here that I've been able to find.  We just watched the DVD 17 Miracles for Sr. Geurnsy's Birthday that you sent.  Thank you, it was great!  Also thanks for those pictures!  They were awesome!  I would have liked some of the MTC because I don't have any to look at...

We played soccer with Andy and Edwin again this week which was really fun! And yes, there was another gas strike.  They have so many I don't even seem to notice anymore!

Have a great week!

avec amour,
Elder Call