Monday, August 11, 2014

Elder Glover, my long lost cousin!


So that's weird about Elder Glover and I being related!  I did know that he was related to a Call, naturally I just assumed that it was through Anson, I mean who isn't?  But being related on the Holt side as well... I didn't know.  Wow!  I just talked to Elder Glover, we agreed that we will never look at each other the same again... That life sketch looks really interesting and I took pictures with my camera and I'll look at it later.
Elder Glover's mom called me this week.  She had been doing some genealogy and discovered that Braden and Elder Glover are related in two different family lines!  They share the same 4th great-grandfather on the Call line as well as the Holt line.  There must be some heavenly help in getting these two boys working together down here!

So these last couple weeks have been a little slow still.  Elder Glover got a really bad allergic reaction of some kind Monday night that covered him.  We called the mission Doc and he prescribed Benadril, which basically knocked him out for the entire next day.  I, while he was snoozing, had an whole day of studying. Normally that would be lame, but it was actually really good.  I loved it!  I have been studying Christ-like attributes and I have taken a paperback copy of the BOM to mark specifically for that.  I learned a ton of stuff like connections between all the different attributes.  The whole day actually went by really fast even though that's all I did.  Luckily, the rash went a way after Tuesday.

I loved the package that you sent me! It was une surpris extraordinaire!  I think Elder Glover and I are going to enjoy the Ping-Pong thing! haha!

We had a really rough day on Friday, and as usual at the end we were blessed.  At the very end we saw Clavel, the family from Cuba, and we talked about Joseph Smith and the BOM.  She had received the lessons a couple of times already so it wasn't really new.  But this time she accepted to  be baptized and we are planning for the end of the month, the problem is, she's going to Cuba for 3 weeks   But we have been in the process of contacting the Havana Branch to let them know that she wants to come, and to find a way for her to get to church on Sundays.  Apparently they are in the Miami Florida South Stake, so we had to call Miami, who told us that they didn't have the number for Havana but that we had to call Puerto Rico.  It was all very confusing and we still haven't gotten a hold of Puerto Rico yet.  But we did find directions on to get her from where she will be staying to the branch in Havana.

I listened to a lot of talks by Henry B. Eyring this week, and I have to say that I loved "Gifts of Love" and I want you to listen to it.  I love your letters and they are a great help and a blessing to me.  And when you hear the story of the man that was in the Vietnam war, I agree with him.

I love you all so much, I am praying for you.

avec amour,
Elder Call