Monday, March 31, 2014

The work rolls forth


So this week felt really long.  After last week when we just worked so hard in order to get 21 lessons and then climbing Mt. Pelée, we were all dead tired this week and it made it tough!  BUT it was a good one none the less!  Elder Faley got here too!  He brought tidings of great joy from Guyane, it sounds like the work there is just exploding!  We also had some good lessons with people that we found this week!

Our good luck last week started from when we left the Cyber-base after emailing.  The guy that worked there chased us down and asked us about what we are doing on Martinique and and what we do as missionaries.  Then he said he wanted to be a missionary too!  We said that he had to be a member first, and he was OK with that haha!  His name is Ricardo and we have taught him twice now, he is 23 and I am very excited for him!

On Wednesday we went to the funeral of Fr. Coïné's sister,.  I had to wear my suit again.  All is well too! haha You may have doubted but it still fits!  Fr. Coïné is an incredible guy, he was walking in the procession and when he saw us he still was able to give a beaming smile and a peace sign.  Afterwards he was his normal happy joking self and was asking us all about out investigators and how he could help them.  He really impressed me.  He has helped us so much in the missionary work!

We had another really cool lesson this week with Sr. Martial,.  We found a lady who speaks English and so we decided to bring her along with us.  When we got there it turned out that they knew each other because Sr. Martial has waved to her everyday.  Which just goes to show that you never know who you are going to see, and that one day, being nice could go a long way.  But in the lesson, the spirit was so strong.  The lady even began to tear up a little bit, I almost teared up too, the feeling of the spirit was just so powerful and it was another testimony to me of the truth of this work.

I haven't received your package yet, but I know the address works because other Elders get stuff there.

The sisters here were able to watch the General Women's Conference at the church, and we even had some of our investigators go!

Watching General Conference is going to be hard because we'll be spending most of the day in Fort-de-France.  I'm not sure of the specific plans though, we'll probably figure it our tomorrow at district meeting.

Our first new investigator came to church yesterday and it was so great!

Its awesome having Elder Fraley back!  Its weird that we were separate for only a month and a half, but we're back!  And Elder Lever and Fraley just switched places!

I'm glad that you noticed my shoes!  haha Those were Elder Russell's shoes who left to go to Guiana Anglais.  He left them and I took them, I had to use them because I accidentally left my running shoes at the house.  It was really early.

I love all of you so much!  Have a great week!!
avec amour,
Elder Call

You said you were looking for my house and I don't know how else to explain it other than "its that one."

View from our apartment

Elder Johnson eating a Bokit, a flatbread sandwich that's famous in Guadeloupe

Yep, the suit still fits!

Playing basketball this morning for p-day

Elder Fraley's here!

Another picture from our hike last week.  We had a blast!