Friday, May 23, 2014

Short letter, no pictures

Bonjour tout le monde!

This past week was a little tough on the numbers and we werent able to get more than one lesson with a member and 2 lessons with a recent convert or less active. We had quite a bit of other lessons which is fine, but I would rather the others.  Fr. Coiné left for France for a month and Sr. Martial's phone stopped working at her house which took out most if not all of our regular membership work. We finally were able to stop by at a time where Sr. Martial was at home Saturday.  I had been a little worried that we hadn't seen her for some time but all is well.  She was really excited to see us and she even got up the courage, on her own, to call her friend Betty that she had been telling us about for a long time.  I am really excited to see Betty.  I am praying very hard to be able to see her and teach her.  Apparently she has asked Sr. Martial if she could come to church and meet the missionaries.  ALSO she has a 7 seater van that could very well be the answer to many prayers and fasts of finding a way to get people to church!   Sr. Martial should be seeing her today and inviting her to talk with us throughout the week as well as to church and also the celebration 2015 AND a primary activity that will be going on soon with her kids. This can go so well and I pray it does. First is to make contact though.

We still havent gotten contact with Ricardo, Dana was not able to come to church because her kids had something going on, and René was supposed to come to church but there was a problem with our member and picking him up, if I understand correctly. He is hard to understand on the phone. I'm going to talk to the Fr. Occulier to find out what really happend.

This week had been really good for my studies. I may have to bump up the PMG reading a little faster or it could take a while to finish it. Anywho some things I learned going through ch.1 is that most of the chapter is just a quick description of most all the other chapters. Our objective is explained and defined throughout all of PMG.  Most of the first chapter is referring to later chapters.  Another thing is a good scripture I found in Alma 62:45 if I sited that correctly it should talk about having power and authority in teaching (I read it in French so I can't make a good English translation) It said he talk with "a great power and authority, to the point of converting many" or along those lines.  How I understood it was that we HAVE to teach with authority but the comma gives me the idea that the conversion of many was just an added bonus, not and actual effect or reaction to how he taught.  With no authority, there is no conversion. But no conversion does not mean there is no authority.

No time to write more!

I love you all so much! à la semaine prochaine!
avec amour,
Elder Call