Thursday, June 4, 2015



I've been talking with the senior couple in Trinidad as well as the Turners recently about this and that, and everybody is always so stressed that I started to answer the phone in different ways to lighten things up a bit. The common thing is "Hello this is Elder Call French Guiana" but I was tired of that so I started with Bonjour, then Aloha and Hola and Guten tag and so on. It was a long explination to my introduction but... I thought you would appreciate it. But lets get real, I imagine I could write down my weekly menu and Mom would be all giddy! haha! Love ya mom! 

I'm finishing sending in my Returning Home with Honor thing, talk about stressful. I had to choose 10 photos from my entire mission to have on it. It took some time...  I actually haven't finished, I took a pause and started writting your letter.

And now I am just going to finish it next week... It is taking way to long.

But this week was great. Elder Bodily has really figured out planning on his mission and I'm trying to get as much out of him while I still can, but I would have to say that planning is one of my weak spots... However we had some good planning this week and we got some good results.

A good story for the week:

We were walking down the road and a man came up with his scooter. We stopped him and started talking to him. He is from English Guyana and so we were talking in English. He invited us into his house and introduced us to his family. His wife is Native American and so speaks mostly Portugese and Native American but understands French well enough. Their kids speak all three. We shared about the Book of Mormon and they were really excited to get one, one in French and the other in English. The whole family participated in the prayer, it was really cool. 

and there was Phil Collins playing in the background, super out of place....

And yeah we will be going again to Suriname for zone conference on the 13th and will be coming back the 16th. And I will be staying one or two days in Trinidad, not quite sure, but it's going to make it really difficult to get that baguette to ya if so.

I love you all a bunch and can't wait to see you soon!
avec amour,
Elder Call