Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Bonjour et bonnes Fêtes de Pâcques! Hier... 

This week Elder Johnston and I have been trying to do some new approaches with our teaching to try and get some more success and to help people understand what we are teaching. I asked the Turners to burn a disk of Mormon messages and other videos in French and we've been taking our DVD player around with us to contact and ask people if we could share a video with them. Sometimes we share the Restoration with them to help them understand what actually happened with Joseph Smith or other videos; its been working really well I think. We also bought a little white board that we carry around with us to draw diagrams or if we talk about any kind of analogy it really helps them focus and when they can see whats going on it helps them to understand. 

I went on an exchange with Elder Jex this week and we got to go see one of their amis de l'église who is from Haiti. I got to see her the week before and I don't remember if I mentioned her; but she's really cool. She had a dream that two white guys helped her to cross a river to a land of happiness. We visited her with some members and they explained to her that the river was baptism and we, the missionaries, are here to help her to make covenants to happiness. Her face lit up and she was all like; "What?! Why didn't you tell me that sooner!" She is so excited to be baptized and I fixed a date for baptism with her on the 30 of May, which happens to be her daughters birthday. She got so excited she grabbed her neighbor sitting outside, brought him in, pointed at the calendar and said "That's the day that we are getting baptized I want you to prepare to be baptized with us so come talk to the missionaries!"

It was quite exciting.

Then yesterday of course we went to Centre Ville to sing. We had a lot of members show up and we had a really good time, we didn't practice for it so it wasn't the best singing but we had a lot of fun and we talked to some people that stopped to listen; sadly it was raining a lot before. 

I didn't get your package yet, things have been closed for Easter week, and I don't have time to check today but I'll look as soon as I can.

I'm really excited to fly to Guadeloupe for zone conference.  We leave in about 3 hours and then we get back on Wednesday.

Yes I did find out recently that too much coconut water will give you diarrhea.  Thanks for asking! haha.  Fortunately it wasn't TOO bad!  (Don't you know I've had diarrhea since Easters? -Nacho Libre)
It was a tough week for teaching.  We didn't get to see many of our investigators.  It was disappointing.

Gotta go!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Here is a picture of the Turner's and a picture of the branch singing on Easter.