Monday, October 7, 2013

The President's visit

SO this week has been a little hectic. The President came and Elder Maoni and Elder Santos went to go pick them up from the Suriname border because its easier to get in that way I guess.  So Elder Fraley and I went through about half a day together.  That was P- day (Monday) Then when the President came we had a meeting where he talked a little about companionships getting along and the importance of it.  Then he went into the big project ideas.  He told us that he is planning a big celebration in 2015 where there will be a huge talent and culture competition throughout the lower countries and Trinidad because of the 25th anniversary of the opening of the mission here.  I think we are the only ones who he's really told that to.  So I think we are supposed to be focusing a lot on big influence projects and to be honest its a bit intimidating.  Then that night we had one of the assistants come with us teaching.  I was able to translate everything for Elder Dohrman the assistant.  At the end of the day the president gave a fireside to the branch where he introduced the Celebration to everyone and also told them that they have been given a budget that can be used on any service, humanitarian or any kind of project of the branch's choosing.

In the morning we had interviews with the president.  My companion is going to be moving to Trinidad.  Elder Santos had to go with him, so for the last 3 days Elder Fraley and I have been the only 2 in all of French Guiana and its been crazy to say the least!

We are going to be on our own until Wednesday and we have to cover both areas.  Honestly my French has never been better though!  We're going in and teaching all the lessons on our own and setting up appointments and what not.  I'm not going to lie its kinda stressful and I very often have trouble with the language but we are fine so don't worry about us. Haha  I never expected something like this to happen on my mission let alone the first transfer!  Honestly though we are doing great together!

So I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday.

Oops outta time!

I love you so much!!
Avec Amour,
Elder Call

These pictures are in Sinnamary, on our way to take Elders Santos and Maoni to the Suriname border.