Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Bonjour ma famille!

Sorry I've been letting you down on the letter writing, Mom, but I really am trying me best.  Sometimes the days just seem so similar its had to tell them apart.  I have been trying to write down the most important stuff, I'm sure that you don't want to hear all about my time knocking on doors every week.

This week we had a big stress on the fast.  We were encouraged to go and talk to every member about the fast and to have them fast with us. We have fixed a mission goal to have 600 baptisms by the end of the year and we are a lttle behind. So we fasted to help our cause. In order to make it to the goal, we need 3 baptisms every zone, every month, including Martinique. So we are doing our best and I think that we really can do it, it will just take a whole lot of faith.  Anyways, it wasn't that hard to see all our members in the area, having only Sr. Telcide, the Martial's, and Joani. (The Coïne's moved up to St. Joseph) and we talked to them all about the fast and asked them to invite people to come to church.  We planned on getting 100 people to come to church, the district requirement to have a better building.  Everyone was very excited about it.  Especially Sr. Martial who loves talking to people.

We had everything very well planned out and everybody was going to come and it was going to be the greatest day ever, but.... then a lot of things happened.  First off, the Coïné's moved out of the area so we no longer have rides for people to go to church, not even the Martial family, who now has to hitch hike to church, and Fr. Lagin who lives in Rivière pilot got Chikengunya so HE couldnt take people either, Dana went to St. Lucia to go to a funeral.  Yeah, it was kind of a bummer.  But Sunday morning we got a call from Vivian, a really nice lady that we had met out in the woods who wanted to come to church and needed better directions.  I think that she had a really good time at church and she talked the most out of anybody in gospel principles class.  SO miracles are there, even if Satan tries his best to get you not to see them.

We saw Dana this week as well, she is doing well.  We explained baptism to her again, about how its not the end of the road, but the beginning.  She doesn't have to be perfect to be baptized, she has to be prepared, but not perfect.  Baptism is the first step to become perfect and puts us on the right path but it is not perfection.  She understood it a lot better and I think she has a lot of her worries calmed about it.  Also her boyfriend is in the process of contacting the missionaries in Lamentin, which could be just what she needs to help her.

Zone conference will be Monday next week, so I don't know what is going on with emails, so don't freak out if its not regular schedule-like.  We'll be flying to Guadeloupe for that.

Thanks for the letters!   I got yours but I haven't seen Brianna's yet though! Thanks a bunch!

I don't really expect to do much for my Hump Day.   Probably bake a cake, I might do more stuff to celebrate when we are in Guadeloupe.

I love all of you so much!!  Have a great week!  The Lord loves us and knows us and wants us to be happy. And he knows we will be so much happier if its us that choose to be happy and not him forcing it upon us. Which was the reason why we chose the plan of happiness.  Agency is one of the greatest gifts our Father gave us.  I know this church is true.

avec amour,
Elder Call

McDonalds...even in the islands!

Map of our area in the south of Martinique

Just a little something I cooked up...

Picture from the branch dinner