Monday, June 2, 2014

My investigator came to church!


Sorry for last week it was a bit crazy and I didn't have much time to write!

Again this week I don't have too much time, there is way too much I have to do in one hour!  So I will do my best!

But this week was great! We finally had an investigator come to church! That's my first one since I've been on Martinique!  Dana came to church and she had an amazingly spiritual experience!  We had started a fast with her right before she came to church for her to receive a response to whether she should be baptized on the 21 of June and that she could have help on her driving exam.  During church I noticed that she often had tears in her eyes.  Afterward we had a quick lesson with her that was one of the most spiritual ones ever. We had her pray right on the spot to ask if she should be baptized because we could feel the spirit so strong. She gave an incredibly sincere and powerful prayer, and I am not kidding when I tell you that I could feel the spirit buzzing all around.  Afterwards, we sat there and pondered a little bit, she looked up at us with tears in her eyes and I asked her if she would be baptized on the 21 of June.  Slowly she nodded her head and then quickly and with a big smile on her face, she said "Yes!"  It was amazing. I am so excited for her and so grateful to have had that experience with her.

So that was basically the greatest thing ever, especially this week. Please keep her in your prayers!

I will get to your questions now so that you don't get on me for missing them....

It was a great week, we met three really nice FAMILIES that are interested this week. We have only taught them each once so we'll see how it goes but they ALL have cars and they all seem interested. It should be a good follow up week.

I'm glad you saw the pictures of Sister  Pedale.  She is a very active member.  I have talked about her before, she invites us every other week to eat at her house because she loves the missionaries.  She is the mother of the choir director who's husband is the (greffier, I forgot the English word sorry...) and her grandson is the only deacon we've got!  The funny thing is that she feeds us the same thing every time. Ancras de Morue (salt cod fritters) on bread.

Tell Jordan that my garments are indeed still white...I always make sure to wash them with bleach!

Today was good, we made some pork chops with mashed potatoes.   Monday meals are basically the equivalent of Sunday dinners for missionaries because we've got time!

Transfers will be in 2 weeks and Zone Conference is the next transfer, every other.

I like it here, I wouldn't have any problems staying or going, but I will probably stay since its still the first transfer with Elder Glover.

So I was wondering if the flood of missionary farewells has started yet, I'm getting pretty excited to see the next wave of blues and to see how many we get coming our way.  If we get a lot, odds are a lot of us will be training like when I came in, every companionship was training.

And to some important business... Jordan and Shelby, how are things going?  Its a big deal to me ;) je suis fière do mon frère :) I don't know who this lady is so your going to need to fill me in a little bit. I was very surprised when I heard he stopped by after dropping Brianna off, I won't be able to recognize my ladies-man of a brother when I get home! haha! So what is she like?  I have only seen the picture of them flying together.

My studies this week were good. I didn't notice TOO many things this week.  Most importantly I got some ideas for studying, I am going to try to keep a topic study journal that I can refer to with answers to questions and my own definitions. So if you have any questions or topics you'd like me to study, I would enjoy to get some ideas!

I love you all so very much!
Soyez prudents!
avec amour,
Elder Call

On Thursday the priesthood members of the branch went on a 5k run, it wasn't really 5 kilometers but it felt like it haha! I called it the tunnel run.

These pics are of Elder Glover and I on our hike today.  We were down at the bottom west part of the island near Rocher du Diamant.