Monday, December 9, 2013

5 months

Bonjour ma famille!!

First off I want to thank you again for that Words of Wisdom thing!  Its SO cool!  Thanks everyone who wrote a little note in there!  I open a flap every morning and find something awesome every time, but those little notes are awesome.  I read Brianna's yesterday morning and I really liked it, merci Bri!

J'ai finalement reçu the package from grandma that we've been waiting for forever, I check the mailbox before we leave and again when we get back at night.  I saw something in there but I thought it was another random flyer that we get just about everyday.  Upon further inspection I perceived that it was no mere advertisement but, in fact, a notice with my name on it!  So this morning we woke up and walked right over to La Poste to pick it up before the huge lines got there.  We only had to wait about 10 to 15 minutes in line so it wasn't to bad!  I really love it Grandma!  I actually really needed a new shirt because my soccer shirt got all mildew-y... It's weird because it was the only thing that's gone bad, probably because it was my work out shirt and was all sweaty.  BUT now I got a new one MERCI MUCH!  Also tell Grandma K thanks for the money in the card!  I'm not sure what to get with it but I will probably use it for some pâtisserie! Or a volleyball to use at the church!  Or another shirt!  The options are endless!!!

I haven't received your Christmas package yet, but now that I know it's arrived in Guyane I'll keep my eye out for it.

As far as investigators go, we did get this one family that came, the girlfriend of the son seemed really interested but shes not in our area sadly, the parents live right next door and we will try to pass by sometime!  Most of this week we were trying to find people to teach.  We did have a lesson with some Témoigne Jéhovahs (JWs) that were there at the same time.  They yell a lot... We just kinda sat there while the TJs and our investigator yelled back and forth at each other. We would try to talk but they didn't really stop talking and really didn't listen, it was interesting.
We stopped by last week a the two ladies I told you about last week and we even committed Belinda (English) to baptism!  We even picked a date!  The 18 of January ! Malheureusement, unfortunately we went to go see her Sunday and the guy that answered the door said she was out of the country and should be for the rest of the month to get papers done in Suriname or something, so when she comes back, IF she comes back, we'll have to move the date back.

I know you're worried about my pants getting too small, but they're mostly still alright... there was one day that I yawned and stretched a little too far in the morning studies and one of the little hook things popped off... They really aren't held on there too strong, just stapled on there, but still!  I'm going to work out a lot more now, and eat less...

It doesn't feel a lot like Christmas, its too hot.  But there was this band one night that was playing a reggae version of Christmas songs all night long, so I guess that was sort of Christmas-y.  Everyone says Joyeux Noël every so often.  We are going to have a Christmas party with the branch too.

We won't have another zone conference until next transfer.  We have zone conference every other transfer so if I am still here next transfer I will go to Suriname again.

The best part of the week was easily when we went to the rest home outside of Cayenne to sing Christmas songs for the people there.  We went with some sisters in the branch.  It was great, practicing every Sunday before wasn't so great (everyone kept making me and Elder Fraley sing by ourselves and we aren't so good) BUT when we went we had a lot of fun. We were talking with the people joking around with the members and having a really good, Christmas cheerful time!

Well that's all I can think about for this week there wasn't too much different that happened but it was alright!  Oh!  This morning we helped Alecida (The member I found) move to a new apartment, it was good and she fed us, she's the best!

Alors, je vous aime tout le monde!!
Avec amour,
Elder Call

Elder Fraley and I on splits this week

Birthday party for Pres. D'Arbeu's son

Best part of the week!  Singing at a nursing home.

I saved the marshmallows you sent for Halloween and made my favorite...
A peanut butter, Nutella and marshmallow grilled sandwich!