Monday, March 3, 2014


Bonjour a tous!

Sadly today I am typing on an American keyboard again which is throwing me off, I had gotten used to the French set up but now they are just trying to make things hard for me I guess!

So this week was pretty good!  I had a nice exchange in Fort-de-France with Elder Ardesh, the Frenchman, and it was good!  Sadly we didn't get too many lessons in but we went and played some basketball with some of his investigators which was fun and something different.  The best part was that I could go the whole day just talking French with him and joking in French!  I LOVE speaking French!  I still have times where I just stop and wonder about how cool it is that I can speak another language.  The gift of tongues is the best!

So Carnival is in full swing now, to me it seems like a giant Thanksgiving Day parade that happens every day, or Sunday to Wednesday at least.  It is more scandalous though... we have been told to stay in after 7 at night this week and just refrain from going into the centre villes.  Other than that we don't have regulations. Carnival isn't as crazy in France as in other places.  There are always drums going and loud noises, and the occasional man dressed as a woman... but we are just advised to stay clear of the major areas of Carnival.

I do want to tell Brianna Joyeux Anniversaire!!!  Holy cow she's OLD!  Which means I'M OLD!  This is crazy... Alors, I hope you have a fantabulous birthday Brianna!  I hope grandpa gives you a lot of birthday spankings! haha  Be good and good luck with Chauntairs!  That so cool that you made it!!!  I love you so much Brianna!!

We met a Buddhist lady during the week and we've met up with her twice now.  She is really nice but the hard thing is helping someone gain a testimony of Christ when they don't already believe that he is the Son of God.  Maybe dad has some advice there?  I'm sure he ran into some of that on his mission.

The members here are the best!  We had the group in Trinity join our meeting yesterday because of Fast Sunday, the church was PACKED!!!  Then we had a branch repas meal afterwards!

We don't have too many members that live in our area.  Fr. and Sr. Coine live in our area. Fr. Coine really likes to work with us, and its great.  Sr. Coine loves to give us food, haha, shes so nice!

I love all of you!!!  I love hearing from you!!!  Happy Birthday Bri!!!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

Elder Johnson let me use his camera to take some pictures this week.

Chillin' in my hammock.  I bought a lava-lava before I left Guyane and Elder Miyasaki showed me how to wear it.

Pumping up the tires.  (Ok, we did have to pump up the tires but not with that, haha)

This is where we run to in the mornings.