Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Schedule

Bonjour tout le monde!

It has come to my attention that some truths have been lost pertaining to statements that I have made, and it has fallen upon me to restore what once was, as for lasagna.  Let me make it clear and speak to you in plainess that ye cannot err.  For I truly said that it is I who makes the frozen lasagna, not my Mother.  For verily I did say,  "I know how to make lasagna, all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and put it in the oven".  Thus we see that clear and precious truths have been taken out and added to until the whole hath become corrupt and everyone frames me.  And it grieveth my soul to have to speak of such things unto you, now, let us pray that that is the end of it. ;)
HAHA!  A funny little joke we had with Braden this week!

Anyways.... Business aside, it seems that you want me to explain my week.  I don't think you picked a very good week, its rather easy on my side, but I'll do my best.  Here is a day by day, play by play run down of my week.

Monday: 6:30 I woke up got ready and then we went on a drive around to Les Anses D'Arlets.
-12:00 we ate at home and changed into our shirts and ties
-1:30 we started to clean the car
-2:00 we ran out of time so we drove to Fort-de-France to email, everywhere was closed
-3:00 we decided to go to the church to do our emails, there is only one computer so we had to take turns
-5:30 we headed back down to the south to work
-6:00 we visited Renald, a new investigator who lives in Trois ilets.  He likes the Book of Mormon and has    read a couple chapters.  But turns out that he is under house arrest for the next year...
-7:00 contacted
-9:00 returned and planned
-10:30 slept

-10:00 District meeting in Fort-de-France
-12:00 ate and left down to work
-3:00 we ran out of people that we had planned to see, none of whom were home and then started to             recontact a bunch of people that we had contacted previously.  We saw a guy named Willy who lives           in Sans Pareil and works in a garage, based out of his garage
-8:00 Language study.  Elder Glover's rash came back and he started to get muscle pain
-9:00 plan

-7:00 Elder Glover woke up with a fever and we had to go buy a thermometer
-7:30 We talked with the mission doctor and he agreed that Elder Glover had Chikungunya and that we          should stay home for a while.  So we did
-8:00 I studied while Elder Glover slept.
12:00 ate
1:00 tried to keep studying but my attention span didn't last and I cleaned the house.  Read some Liahonas,    worked out, and just bummed around
10:30 slept

Just about the same as the day before
1:00 the Turners came and ate lunch with us

Same as before but I did a lot more studying

I went on an exchange with Elder Dayton in FdF and we had to walk everywhere. We visited Sr. Regis and her son who got baptized recently then we met this really cool homeless guy who had seen the missionaries and had talked to them before.  He knew a whole lot about our church and wanted to be baptized. We invited him to church.

Went to church then visited Fr. Renard.  He had a ton of anti-Mormon questions and we tried to help as best we could but he had SO many questions.  Mostly about Freemasons and Joseph Smith.  We finally got him to calm down and he said that he is going to work on talking to his boss to get Sundays off for church. We stopped by Joani to see why she didn't come to church, and fixed an appointment to come with the Turners to see if we can fix her electric piano.  Returned home and I studied while Elder Glover went back to sleep.  His rash came back pretty bad.

I woke up and drove here. Now I am emailing

Well I hope you enjoyed that.  It took a while.  Yes Elder Glover was very sick all this week and we did not do very much.  I was very bored the entire week.  He isn't in danger of death or anything, his muscles are just very weak and sore.  He is having a hard time typing right now haha!  I've been trying to make the situation a little funner but he hasn't been enjoying that very much.  We both had been joking about how chikungunya wasn't real, it was just an excuse for old people not to listen.  But now he knows its not.  I still think hes acting like a Grandma haha!  Just kidding, it probably is very bad and I feel bad for him.

Chikungunya is a virus that is spread to humans by mosquitoes.  The symptoms are similar to Dengue Fever, which is also spread by mosquitoes.  In late 2013, the first local transmission of chikungunya virus in the Americas was identified in Caribbean countries and territories. 

I did hear about the incident with Elders Dayton and Lewis.  It was just a drunk guy on the bus with a knife that talked to them.  He said that if they ever came back that he would get 'em, but he could barely stand up straight and it was only 9 in the morning.  I have never been worried here.

You asked what is the greatest thing I have learned so far and it is probably how to stay organized and how to work, and how to notice the spirit, and how to pray, and the way the church works, and a lot of other stuff.  So guess not just one thing...

Today we are going to walk through a park that has a bunch of suspension bridges or something.

Well outta time love you all!!!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, August 18, 2014


Bonjour Ma Famille!

We had a whole lot of contacting again this week.  We weren't able to see Dana, or Claudia, or just about any of our regular amis.  But on Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Pape, (that's a funny story I'll tell later) who is new this transfer with Elder Bodily, and we tried to see Pamela who had been on vacation for the last 3 weeks.  We thought we would go see if she got home yet.  She wasn't there.  So we were sitting right in front of her house in the car trying to think of where we could go for the end of the day, when she pulled in.  It was a miracle to me.  We were able to get in contact with her again after all this time, we didn't get to teach a lesson but we invited her to church, and she came!

Today we drove around to Les Anse D'Arlets just me and Elder Glover, we stopped at all the beaches and took photos and tried to just relax for the day.  Then we went home and ate and cleaned the car.  Now we are here talking to you!

The next transfer will be Sept. 10 and I have been here about  4 1/2 transfers which means about 6.5-7 months, half a transfer more than I was in Guyane.

Sorry I didn't have time to tell you about the pottery shop last week.  I'll send some pics today.  I bought some things that I want to send home to you guys sometime but I'm not sure when.  No pottery though, I didn't want it to break.  If you think I can chance it let me know and I could swing by another time to get you some!

 Heres a fun créole phrase for ya! buf devan bwé dlo frai (the cow in front drinks fresh water,) its the equivilant of "first come first served".

This week I listened to all of the President Monson talks from BYU.  Elder Glover and I loved the talk about principles for prophets.  He talks about what he knew and learned from all the prophets he has known throughout his life, many of them he served with in the Quorum of the 12.  Pres. Monson is just a very happy, funny guy and I love listening to him. 

I hope you know that I am praying for you and I love you.  This week I had the chance to start reading back through my journals and I read during my first transfer, I read a promise that I made to myself, that I wanted to be one of those missionaries that everyone remembers for being obedient and hard working even if things were hard.  I had forgotten that and I am very glad that I wrote that down.  I do still want to be that person and it helped me refocus myself a little. 

I know that this work is true and I know that my Redeemer lives.  I know that I am where I need to be and that these trials that I have in my life are for my own good and benefit.  I know that God loves me and is watching over me and that through prayer I can talk to him and receive his comfort and council, because I have done it and he has shown me.  I love you all so very much.  I know that the Lord will answer our prayers, and that is enough for me.

je vous aime,
avec amour,
Elder Call

This was the potter and his shop.  He taught us all about making it

We had a picnic after

And we got to skip rocks

We wore our suits to church this week because we told Fr. Renard (which means fox in French, so his name is Brother Fox) that if he came to church in his nice suit we would wear ours.  Sadly he didn't make it, all the members were impressed that we wore suits though haha, they all had a comment about it!  Sr. Doumbia said she was impressed that we could still fit into our suits after a year haha! Some missionaries can't!

Today's island tour of the south-west point.  We stopped at all the beaches and cool spots.

Diamond Rock

Les Anse D'Arlets‏

Monday, August 11, 2014

Elder Glover, my long lost cousin!


So that's weird about Elder Glover and I being related!  I did know that he was related to a Call, naturally I just assumed that it was through Anson, I mean who isn't?  But being related on the Holt side as well... I didn't know.  Wow!  I just talked to Elder Glover, we agreed that we will never look at each other the same again... That life sketch looks really interesting and I took pictures with my camera and I'll look at it later.
Elder Glover's mom called me this week.  She had been doing some genealogy and discovered that Braden and Elder Glover are related in two different family lines!  They share the same 4th great-grandfather on the Call line as well as the Holt line.  There must be some heavenly help in getting these two boys working together down here!

So these last couple weeks have been a little slow still.  Elder Glover got a really bad allergic reaction of some kind Monday night that covered him.  We called the mission Doc and he prescribed Benadril, which basically knocked him out for the entire next day.  I, while he was snoozing, had an whole day of studying. Normally that would be lame, but it was actually really good.  I loved it!  I have been studying Christ-like attributes and I have taken a paperback copy of the BOM to mark specifically for that.  I learned a ton of stuff like connections between all the different attributes.  The whole day actually went by really fast even though that's all I did.  Luckily, the rash went a way after Tuesday.

I loved the package that you sent me! It was une surpris extraordinaire!  I think Elder Glover and I are going to enjoy the Ping-Pong thing! haha!

We had a really rough day on Friday, and as usual at the end we were blessed.  At the very end we saw Clavel, the family from Cuba, and we talked about Joseph Smith and the BOM.  She had received the lessons a couple of times already so it wasn't really new.  But this time she accepted to  be baptized and we are planning for the end of the month, the problem is, she's going to Cuba for 3 weeks   But we have been in the process of contacting the Havana Branch to let them know that she wants to come, and to find a way for her to get to church on Sundays.  Apparently they are in the Miami Florida South Stake, so we had to call Miami, who told us that they didn't have the number for Havana but that we had to call Puerto Rico.  It was all very confusing and we still haven't gotten a hold of Puerto Rico yet.  But we did find directions on to get her from where she will be staying to the branch in Havana.

I listened to a lot of talks by Henry B. Eyring this week, and I have to say that I loved "Gifts of Love" and I want you to listen to it.  I love your letters and they are a great help and a blessing to me.  And when you hear the story of the man that was in the Vietnam war, I agree with him.

I love you all so much, I am praying for you.

avec amour,
Elder Call

Monday, August 4, 2014

Not so serious Tropical Storm Bertha

Bonjour ma famille!

This week was actually rather long, I would love to say otherwise, but, I learned a lot about myself and my testimony,  and that Johanna showed up.  After we tried to knock on her door and she wasn't there, she pulled up in her car and agreed to a 5 minute lesson even when she didn't have time.  We watched a video and then and ended with a prayer setting an appointment for Wednesday.  After that we wandered back towards our house, with no idea what to do, my only thought was a contact that lived close to us.  She wasn't home. But, as we were leaving, an hour of time to fill, and nothing but contacting on our planner, I remembered having set up a lesson with Claudia for precisely that time, and precisely that place, I was looking right at her door, basically, when it hit me.  We went in and her friend was there, and the Spirit, and they agreed to a baptismal date for the 30th, and understood everything.  It was incredible.  I would love to complain, but I just don't know how.  I know that this week was a test of my testimony, but I'm not too sure how I did though.

As for Tropical Storm Bertha, oh man I was so excited for the storm!  But we got absolutely nothing in the south.  We had Coordination that day, early to beat the storm, and there was some pretty incredible lighting and thunder when we left.  The rain was coming down in buckets as Elder Glover and I drove back to our area.  But as soon as we crossed the boundaries everything just turned off.  The south didn't even get wind. The rest of the day we had our weekly planning session, so we were home the whole time.  But they city turned off the power and water just in case for the storm, but nothing came.  So we planned in the dark using our homemade yogurt cup candles to see!

There are some pretty good talks I've read recently.  Ones by Tad R. Callister, they aren't really the "Feel Good" talks, more of the "Blow your mind with Doctrine" kind haha!  I REALLY love the Holland talks, like "For Times of Trouble", but also especially,  "However Long and Hard the Road".  Last week I just got a bunch of conference talks in French to help with my language studies.

Last week was the Yole Festival, (that of course you knew about mom!)  I'll send some pictures of the boats.  They went right past our house but to be honest, it wasn't too exciting.  They don't go that fast, but the people went crazy for them haha!

I love all of you so very much and I love hearing from you!  My prayers are with you and I feel the ones coming from your end!  The Lord loves us, that's why he trusts us with hard times.  I know that they are meant to help us and let us grow.

I love you!
avec amour,
Elder Call

Arik's birthday.  I made the carrot cake for him

These pictures are in Marin

Ste. Marie

Elder Glover...The "New" Mexican!

The Yoles

The men seriously have to hang off the sides on those poles to steer and balance it

Meeting to prepare for the not so serious Tropical Storm Bertha

Eating and studying by candlelight during the power outage

My homemade yogurt cup candle