Monday, January 26, 2015

The miracles of the forgotten phone

The week went rather well again.  We actually didn't get many lessons, but we had a lot of member work and we are seeing things moving forward rather quickly.  Monday night we went out to try and see Fr. Didier, a less active who is nearly impossible to get a hold of.  Apparently he's been having a lot of personal struggles and decided to send us a text asking us if we could pass by.  Sadly, Elder S-J and I forgot the phone in the car as we went out working, so we didn't get it, but the second he sent it was the second that we knocked on his door!  He came outside and asked us if we had gotten his message and we just said, "Haha... we forgot our phone in the car... why?"  We talked with him and gave him a blessing because he was sick and he has asked us to send him a scripture passage every day to help him come back to church.  I was so amazed.  The Lord is very good at doing his work.  He came to church yesterday which made a fifth Melchizedek priesthood holder at the Basse-Terre group.

After church we went home teaching with Fr. Duflo who has just gotten back to full activity.  We saw Fr. Didier and he testified with all his heart that it is worth it to go through the repentance process.  I was so filled with love for these people I almost started crying.  We are seeing miracles down here and I will be eternally grateful to the Lord for letting me be a part of it.  I love these people so much!  Basse- Terre is most definitely one of the places I want to come back to after the mission.

Another miracle is that Sr. Samuel has been coming back to church as well.  I didn't even do anything there. I haven't even been able to see her outside of church, but Fr. Duflo saw her in the city one day and asked if he could pick her up for church.  Its now been 2 weeks in a row that she has come and is planning on teaching the Sunday school lesson the next week we are in Basse-Terre!

We also did quite a bit of service this week.  Friday night we stopped by the Nerellep family to see how they were doing.  Oddly enough, again we forgot the phone, and again we showed up right as they called our phone.  They wanted us to help them some more with the renovation of their house.  So we helped them move some furniture.  Then the next morning the Branch priesthood men met at David and Cindy's to help them cut down some trees and fix up their garden.  It was super fun.  Mindya, their 4 year old daughter and I picked up the cut branches. haha  She's so funny!  She started ordering me around telling me which branches to pick up, "THE BIGGEST ONE!" haha We are basically best friends now.

Well I hope you liked this one I had a lot to say this time around!

I hope everyone is safe and sound.

avec amour,
Elder Call

Fr. Pommier, Sr. Pommier, Christopher, Christiano, and little Clavia 

Elder S-J got a allergic reaction to David's cat.  David then attacked him with the eye drops, but not before I could snap a photo!