Saturday, June 20, 2015

The last zone conference


What a week! I'm going to just have to tell you the most part of it when I get home anyways, but I'll cover what I can. We had some sweet service for our investigater Pirtam, we filled in the canal in front of his house with dirt, it took a long time I got really sunburnt.  Luckily it faded quickly, I didn't even peel. I think my skin is finally getting used to being burnt! haha The family fed us some crocodile which was sweet!  It tasted mostily like chicken.  A little more game-y though... 

For the Suriname trip... The ride there was all pretty much the same as normal. But when we were over there we went to church on Sunday. I started to pick up a little on the Dutch, I couldn't speak so well but I could tell what people were talking about. I even got to translate for a Haitian member who couldn't speak very much Dutch. bOne of the Dutch missionaries tranlated to English then I translated into French.  It was fun and kept me awake, because if I didn't have anyting else to do it would have been rough...

Then that night we went on splits with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Hood who went with us on the trip to Trinidad. We are already good friends. That was probably the best part of the whole week and a half. We sat down with the investigators and began teaching the Plan of Salvation in Dutch. The spirit was really strong, so strong in fact that Elder hood stopped translating into English for me, I was able to follow the lesson almost perfectly, he still translated into Dutch however.  But it was a really cool spiritual experience of the power of the spirit. 

Zone conference was good. I had to bear my dying testimony... I said everything that I had wanted to but whe I sat down I just felt like something was missing.  It just didnt feel right.  It was weird.  But oh well... Pres. Mehr talked a lot about the Atonement but what I got most out of the conference was study techniques as he showed how he learned doctrine of the Atonement from the scriptures.  It was weird seeing that I was the oldest missionary there, and the only one going home this transfer of everyone that was in Suriname, except the Mehrs. They basically talked about how great their mission was and said goodbye to all the missionaries. When I went to the interview I sat down and President asked me if I had any questions, to which I replied, "Oh boy, do I have questions!" and then he told me that he would see me next week to talk about them... I wont lie and say I wasn't a little dissappointed, but I imagine it was best that I wait until next week.

So I have my flight plans. I leave on Wednesday to Trinidad then the next day Thursday I will be seeing all your bright faces!

I love all of you!
à bientot!
Elder Call

Last trip to Suriname

The Dutch church

 Elder Hood

The long ride home

 We helped our investigator Pirtam fix the bridge to his shack, it was sweet!  There was a canal in front of his house and with all the rain we've had recently the bridge flooded.  We found a bunch of gross things in the canal, including an old TV.

 Because we helped him out they grilled us some delicious crocodile