Saturday, May 2, 2015

Going to Zone Conference

Bonjour Tout le monde!

We had another great week this week. a lot of preparing for the Suriname trip, getting visas and what not hahaha... Everything is good now and as soon as I finish this email I'll be taking the 3 hour drive to St. Laurent for the canoe ride across the river, then the 2 hour taxi ride to Paramaribo.  We talked with the dutch zone leaders and it sounds like they set us up an appointement with one of their investigators that speaks French and Creole, so its not like we're abandonning missionary work or anything haha!

I emailed David and Cindy last week and they wrote me back this week! Oh man I was so happy to hear from them again haha! They're awesome... Sounds like Elder S-J is holding up strong without me! 

This week we saw some pretty cool miracles. We have been working with Valdir since I had been here, his wife was baptised in March and went to visit Brazil the week before I got here. He speaks mostly Portugese which makes it a little rough to get the message across, but this week he finally accepted a baptismal invitation and a date to work towards. When His wife got home, she flipped! haha! THey both then came to church yesterday!

We found this cool Guy named José Gabriel when I first got here. He is awesome as well and we are pretty sure he's going to be in the Branch Presidency at some time. But he is still working towards baptism and came to church for the first time yesterday as well!

Before I forget the Address is:

Residence Pont Maggi
Bat:E Appt:2

Like I said, same as last time.

And also, whats the date for the marriage? Why has nobody told me yet? 

Many prayers and wishes to y'all!
love you bunches,
avec amour,
Elder Call