Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another transfer gone by...

Bonjour ma famille!

Another week and another transfer gone by, only six more transfers!  I
only know that because President Mehr reminded me.  Thats crazy!  Its
going too fast!  I'm going to be staying in Basse-Terre with Elder
Drennan again.

First off I did get that letter and package thank you very much!
Everyone got a kick out of the letter and we had a good round of
telling stories! haha  I wrote some stories down in my letter that I
am going to send, I am determined to get it off today!

This week went by really quickly for me.  I had a lot of exchanges.  One
with both the zone leaders, one on Tuesday/Wednesday and another
Thursday/Friday.  They were really good, but it takes forever to get
them going.  We have to drive an hour up to Lamentin and another hour
back plus more with traffic.

During the week we saw Ferdinand pretty frequently, we try to see him
everyday if we can just to keep following up and reading the Book of
Mormon with him.  We saw him last on Saturday, he worked the entire day
with Fr. Abenzoar, the group leader in Basse-Terre . Its so cool that
he is mingling well with the members!  He didn't smoke at all on
Saturday!  I was so happy, but sadly he didn't make it up to Capesterre
for church.  When Elder Peterson and I went to see him, his neighbor,
who is completly Rastafarian and listens to Bob Marley all day every
day (its the same stuff on repeat everyday, its not even music, its mostly
just Bob Marley talking to an interviewer), anyway the guy was outside
checking on his pots of Marijuana that he planted outside his door.
Elder Peterson got a good laugh out of that. haha

While I was with Elder Christensen on Tuesday we were knocking doors
and found one of the Ladies that came to our English class that we
have every Wednesday.  She is really nice and has 3 kids, the oldest
daughter is about 9 and comes to the kids session of the English class
as well.  We gave her a BOM and she read the first couple introduction
pages by the time we came back. She is really nice and she seems
really interested in the church.  We plan on inviting her to be
baptised the next time we see her.

I'm not sure if I told you about our English classes before.  But we
have an hour for kids and an hour for adults every Wednesday.  We hold
it at a residence assosiation building in the middle of an apartment
complex that Fr. Abenzoar works for.  The kids class is insane, they
are so crazy.  Once we learned colors so Elder Drennan and I pumped up
ballons and passed them around to name the colors. That lesson didn't
actually get TOO out of hand haha!

Well I am out of time again, I love you all so much and I can't wait to
hear from you again!  I am doing great and love being here!  Have a
great week!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Pictures from our waterfall hike last week

Goats in the river

Chocolate milkshakes for district meeting