Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving and Birthday week

Bonjour ma famille!

So this week we had a pretty cool contact and lessons, we were going around in a résidence knocking doors, the one with the giant grasshopper, (I'll get to that later) and we met this lady that let us in and talked with us.  She was asking questions and when we gave her a brochure she basically stopped listening to us and just read it.  She said "Sorry, I just really love reading."  haha We said that was awesome and that we had another book that we would like her to read and that we would love to come back another day and give it to her.  So we came back on Saturday and she had read through the entire brochure on the restoration THEN she went back and read it again and took notes on the whole thing!  WHAT?!  haha  She had basically found all the main points and said she didn't have any questions because it explained everything in the brochure.  We gave her a Livre de Mormon and invited her to read the first couple chapters.  She jumped right on it.  She also said she had seen all the pictures before.  She told us to come back the NEXT DAY and talk more with her.  So on Sunday we visited her and tried to push towards baptism, she had read the first chapter of the LdM and had made a résumé summary of the Plan du Salut pamphlet as well! We probably won't be able to get to see her this week because she has a lot of exams this week but we might on Saturday.

I got the notice about the package.  They came today and didn't knock on the door so we went there and they said it was out for delivery.  I should be able to go get it sometime today, they're going to call us when the truck gets back.   I'm not too worried about it, there hasn't been a problem with DHL before.

We should be able to Skype for Christmas, there is a computer and a camera at the church that I think we will be able to use, that's what I imagine we'll do.

Elder Miyasaki is from the Big Island.  I told him Larry's house is near Kona up on the mountain, and he said he knows where that is, but he is from the other side of the island.

We have some American Betty Crocker cookie mix in the pantry probably from an Elder that was here before that we could make for my birthday.  Thanks!  I think we are going to eat at a members house also that day, she invited us there for HER birthday and she said it could be a Thanksgiving dinner. Its going to be one big party!

We were able to visit my first contact that committed to baptism last week.  She doing alright, she works all day everyday like most people here so we only see her at night and she can't come to church so we are working on that right now.  She really loves seeing us though!

Sorry that I freaked you out about "the boss" last week. haha  That guy was awesome!  And honestly I haven't been scared of people hurting me in any way, they might rob me but this is technically France and there are no guns anywhere, kids light of loud firecrackers all the time, but no guns or anything like that.

For Thanksgiving we have to celebrate it today on P-day but we are going to throw something together, haha we'll see how it goes!  It probably won't be too traditional but it'll be fun!

I call French Guiana Guyane because, well, its pronounced Gwee-an, and the other is pronounced Gi-on-a so there really is no need to distinguish between the two, and since we are in France its just the other one that's Guiana Anglais.

I hope everything goes well back in the States!  Make sure you keep your tennis practice up, we might finally be evenly matched by the time get home!;) haha!

Love you lots!
Avec Amour,
Elder Call

Bonjour from the ocean!

These are the pictures of the biggest darn grasshopper I've ever seen!  Really though, it was bigger than my hand and could have eaten me, we sprinted down the stairs past it and it jumped and started to fly after us. One of the scariest moments of my life... 

Lelette is an old ami de l'église friend from church who was living in E. Santos/Fraley's area.  She moved into our area and we went and helped her move in, then she took us out to eat.  That is the basic Créole dish, rice, chicken and sauce with haricots rouge red beans and of course piment (spicy pepper sauce) We eat piment (pronounced "P-mo") with just about everything, its good stuff.