Monday, March 2, 2015

Serious French study

Bonjour ma famille!

How are things on the mainland!?  Just to go quickly with your question, yes that would be perfect to send the picture frame, another good one that I like was one of them hugging out in the water, not sure if I sent that on or not.  Either one would work though!  Merci buckets!

This week went by tranquillement. Something fun, or well interesting I would say, is that for language study this week we picked out 50 words in the house and put up sticky notes everywhere with the French translation and practiced them all week then took a quiz on Sunday.  If we pass we get to buy Agoulous during the week.  We are also going to go without English more and more.  This week we went all Sunday with no English, next week we're going to go 2 days with no English, and so on and so forth until the last week of the transfer we won't speak any English.  Should be good!

We also had a really cool experience with Sr. Gouanvé this week.  We were at her house talking to her when her friend rang the door bell.  Sr. Gouanvé invited her in to talk with us.  Apparently she had been talking to her about the gospel and how it can help her in her life.  She sat her down and turned to us and said, "Well, go on, do your thing" haha The best part was that she kept saying, "Tell her about Joseph Smith! Tell her about Joseph Smith!"  But when we started talking about the first vision, Sr. Gouanvé jumped in and almost recited the whole thing from memory.  I was so impressed and amazed at how excited she was to share the gospel!  Her friend Annik even came to church with her yesterday!

Well the internet place is deciding to close, so I don't have much time.  I love you all so very much!  Have a great week!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI!  Tell everyone I say hi... No, tell them I say Bonjour! ;)

avec amour,
Elder Call