Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving is today!

Bonjour Ma famille!

Well today is Thanksgiving for us.  We are going to be having a meal right after I finish our emails.  All the missionaries are going to the church aux Abymes and we'll probably play some frisbee too.  Should be fun.

This week we had Branch conference, we all met at the Capesterre branch. Fr. Abenzoar got released as the Branch Mission Leader to be the 1st counselor in the branch and Fr. Duflo is now going to be our Dirigeant Missionnaire de Branche.  Afterwards we had a branch meal together.  My goal was to try all the homemade juices that people brought.  They were so good... Cherry was actually the best, I also hear that the Carribean Cherry is one of the healthiest fruits in the world :)

Then after that we had a missionary fireside. We watch the movie Finding Faith in Christ, then had a big activity thing.  We set the chairs up as a maze, blindfolded a member and sent them through as another member directed them through (acting as the Holy Ghost)  It was fun and it was different.  It was also pretty funny watching them trying to figure it out!

Yes, we should be Skyping on Christmas Eve.  The end of the transfer is on my Birthday, then people move areas the next Wednesday.  So when I find out who my companion is I'll be able to better plan it.

I really doubt that I would be moving, who knows?   From what I understand I should be staying here while Elder Drennan leaves.  There is talk of two new Tahitian missionaries coming and a new area being opened in petit Bourg on Basse-Terre (this half of the island, not my area)

The Pommier family is doing alright.  We were late getting to their house because of the English class we have on Wednesdays, they were about to leave when we got there (by Bouillante) they did let us give them a mini lesson at the door for about 10 minutes though.  They didn't make it to church because it was in Capesterre for Branch Conference.

I love all of you so very much as I always say but as always I always mean it! Haha  Thank you for the Birthday wishes and prayers!  Can't wait to talk to you next transfer!  I know that this church is true and I know that sometimes the Lord asks us to climb mountains, but from my small knowledge of the scriptures, I can't think of anytime that someone has climbed a mountain for the Lord and didn't receive some sort of miraculously spiritual experience.  I love the Lord and I am so very happy to be here to thank Him for all that He has done for me and for you guys!  Don't forget I love you too!

avec amour,
Elder Call