Monday, February 24, 2014

Short letter and ANOTHER lost camera!

I seriously can't believe that he's lost his camera again!  All the pictures he's lost just makes me so sad!


So I don't have too much time today, I will try to answer as many question as I can but we are running late and the internet cafe is closing soon so I will go quick!

Today started out really good, we went to a beach with all 10 missionaries and played soccer on the beach. It was beautiful and we played soccer, can't get much better.  When we left I couldn't find my camera, and so we went back to look for it and it was nowhere to be found.... again.  So that kinda bummed out the rest of the day.  The rest of the day we did our shopping and had to drive the zone leaders around, not the best P-day...except for the soccer.

This week was good non-the-less, we have been working on trying to get some new investigators to teach but we haven't found too many that I am really excited about though.

You asked about the earthquake, and I slept right through it!   When we left our apartment, our neighbors were telling us all about it.  We went to a réunion de disctrict right after and we got a text from Pres. Mehr asking about it.  Nobody else knew about it but us because someone told us about it.  People talk about it here but nobody seems too worried.

The first week here has been really good!  I wish I had more time to share some stuff with you and to share about some of the members.   I went on an exchange with Elder Dayton on Friday which was fun.

Here in Martinique there is just one branch in Fort-de-France and then there is a group held in Trinité. The church is about a half an hour away from our house but there is usually traffic in the mornings...

There are 10 missionaries here in 5 areas:   Our area, Fort-de France, Lamentin, Vauclin, and Trinité.

Well I have to get going!  I don't need new pants, but.... again... my camera is gone.... and I am not too happy because there were a lot of photos on there.  So if you ever happen to send another package sometime.... yeah.  And maybe some mousse for my hair because I am out.... but send it to the address I gave you and it will get to me.

I love all of you so much! Sorry I don't have any pictures..... and that I didn't have too much time

avec amour,
Elder Call

Picture from Elder Dayton of the soccer game today