Monday, October 28, 2013


Bonjour ma famille!

D'Accord, Je pense que je vais commence aux questions aujourd'hui!
(I think I'll start with the questions today!)

Do you carry your passport with you all the time?

 No, I don't carry my passport, I haven't seen a need to so I leave it with Elder Santos in the safe, he is the one that takes care of all the legal stuff since we don't have a senior couple, so he gets all the calls for Ofii, which is the government thing that we are working with to get legalized into the country.

How have the mosquitoes been?

They usually aren't bad.  I stopped wearing bug spray because there hasn't been too much of a problem.  I sprayed my garments and socks with that spray you sent and that wasted all of it, I think that's been helping thanks!  Every now and then there's a bad day or we go to a bad spot and get a couple bites but nothing bad.

I'm used to Mexico where there was you have a microwave there?  

Haha yeah, there's a microwave!  We have most everything, including two fridges and freezers which is nice, the Suriname Elders had gas stoves, we only have hot plates but it works!

I heard that Jamie has a TV and DVD player in Thailand!  Do you?  That seems so weird!

Yeah we have a little portable DVD player that we can use to watch movies on or to take to show movies to amis de l'église (church friends) but I haven't done that yet, usually we just watch church films in French to help with the language.

How is President Mehr changing the way you are doing missionary work there?

Well since the church isn't too well known he is trying to get us to be doing more big project to get our name out there and known.  The problem is I have no idea where to start.  The branch has a project planned for the 2nd of November, but we still aren't sure what it is... I hope its good!

You've never really mentioned soccer.  Have you had the chance to play there?

I've played a lot of soccer, its great!  People have been busy lately so we haven't played as much, usually every Tuesday, then on Fridays we play volleyball in the church parking lot with some members.

How have things been going with your investigators this week?

We've been doing a lot of finding and we've met a lot of people that said they wanted to talk with us again.  Sadly they usually aren't there when we return at for an appointment.  Most of the people here will see us and be all, "Oh come in! Come in! Tell me the good word of God!"  Then as we talk they just sit there agreeing with everything saying, "yes, yes, hallelujah" even if we ask them a question like "Where do you think people will go after they die?" They'll still be muttering, "Yes, yes, praise the Lord" at least the French equivalent.  They love having people talking about spiritual things but they don't do anything about it and its hard getting them to see that we are there to help them change not to just talk about Christ.  We have one lady that has been talking to the missionaries for a long time, her name is K, she understands EVERYTHING its amazing, but she has yet to recognize a response to her prayers and I don't think she would act on them if she did. We're still working on it though!

The best part of the week was definitely the banana pesé!  Evelyne is Haitian, like a lot of people here, and we asked her if she knew how to make it and she said for sure!  So Saturday night she made us banane pesé, fried bananas with picklees, which is basically picked carrots and stuff.  Oh, man it was delicious, but even better was that Josema, a man that lives in the same building sat down next to us and started asking us questions about if there was life after death.  Elder Miyasaki and I were just going crazy when we left, because we had asked him to join in on the lessons every time but he always said no and left, but now he came and started asking US stuff!  It was so cool! he started taking notes and writing down the scriptures we used, AND we ate banane pesé!  It was a good day.... Banane pesé is delicious and Evelyne made us enough to take some home for Sunday dinner too... It was the best

Well I'm outta time!
Love you much!!!

Avec amour,
Elder  Call

Banane pesé

 Some Mickey Mouse thing in Suriname

 The church in Suriname

 Elder Miyasaki

 "Where are we going?"

Eating pistec with Elder Fraley

Riding in the rain