Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baptism in Trinite

Bonjour ma famille!

Hello!! So apparently the cyber base is closing in 5 minutes so I don't know if I will be able to get a full letter off in time I am so sorry!!  This week was a little slow, we couldn't find too much time to get to people.  We had a long ways to drive and there were a lot of lessons that fell through as soon as we got to the place we were supposed to go to.  But there were a lot of fun things that happened this week.  First of all was the baptism on Saturday and then that night we had the Celebration 2015 at the church.  Honestly the preparation wasn't the greatest, but they ended up having some pretty fun stuff.  The best were the Créole dances with President Occulier, his wife, Sr. Jean-de-Dieu, and some other guy they got to join the dance. He was really funny.  He was kind of a party crasher and when there was some technical difficulties he grabbed the microphone and just started talking, nobody knew who he was haha.

So I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time, but with the PMG study I think we are going to have to change it to 1 chapter a week and I am starting ch.2 this week.

Things are going FINE mom... Things are tough sure, they'll always be tough but I am doing fine, I am studying a lot about hope and faith and there are some really cool talks by Uchtdorf about that.  I haven't seen to much success from my own work but I have come to know the Lord and I am learning so much about how the gospel works.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I love you all sorry!!!!!

Oh and I got your letter!!! Thanks!!!

Elder Call