Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm going to Martinique!!

Bonjour tout le monde!

So I guess I'll start with the biggest news of the week, no need to wait on it.  Elder Miyasaki received an email last Monday with the travel plans of an Elder Broadbent who will be arriving on Thursday. So we've known that someone will be leaving from Guyane.  We all said it was Elder Pratt (President Mehr hinted to all the of us that we would be staying, except Elder Pratt) Then on Thursday Elder Miyasaki had a Skype conference for all the zone leaders, I just do my studies while he's in the room doing the conference because I'm not a zone leader.  Anyways, at the end he asked me who I thought was going and I said, "Elder Pratt of course, we've already figured it out.  Stop acting like you know whats going on."  (He kept joking about it throughout the week trying to get everyone freaking out about who would be leaving.  Then he handed me some papers and said, "Well here's your travel plans Elder Call, your going to Martinique."  I had to read the papers all the way through before I finally believed him.  I'M GOING TO MARTINIQUE!  I still can't believe it... I'm leaving on Wednesday at 12:30.  He doesn't sound excited at all does he??  Martinique is where he really wanted to go!

This week was kinda slow, Aline STILL hasn't gotten back yet from Suriname. She'd better before I leave or I will not be too happy, I need to say goodbye to her.  We had a lot of branch meetings and Elder Miyasaki's zone leader meeting and exchanges so we didn't have too much work time.  It was still a good week, we saw Liliette again, finally (she's the one a while back that took us to the restaurant with her daughter, I'm pretty sure I sent those pictures)  This time her boyfriend/soon to be fiancé was there and we gave him a Book of Mormon and as we were talking to Liliette I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was reading the Book of Mormon.  From what I could tell, he read for himself, the entire introduction and a couple verses of the first book!  Both of them came to church on Sunday!  He seems like a really interesting guy.  I'm excited to see, or more likely, HEAR, what happens with him.  President D'Abreu already knew him when he came to church.  Also Elder Miyasaki and I are teaching a TV star.  We met this lady while contacting and taught a lesson with her, a little later we were visiting the Bady's and the News was on in the background, and sure enough, it was her announcing the news!

Speaking of Sunday, that was sad... I had to say au revoir to all the members, I gave a testimony of missionary work during sacrament meeting, then took pictures with everyone afterwards.  BUT! we did have some really good amis de l'église show up! Like I said Liliette and Cedric came and halfway through Yvan, who we met a while ago showed up.  So it was not all bad!

As for the bike situation, I've fixed them up as good as I could get them and we've just had to buy more locks to keep them safe, no problems since then though.  And yes, all the Elder's are still living together.  The Sister's apartment STILL isn't ready.

I love you all so much!  Sorry that I probably won't get your letters if you sent me one that hasn't yet arrived! I will no longer be in the country... But if they do come the Elders here will probably have to get them to me some other way, I'm taking a couple letters that were for Elder Santos with me that I could get to him when someone goes to Guadeloupe or maybe next zone conference.

Thank you all for your letters/emails and most of all for your prayers, I love you all so much and love hearing from you! Talk to you next week, as for me, I'm FINALLY going to the island life!

avec amour,
Elder Call

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