Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Jump Day!

Bonjour Ma famille!

Well you're right, I did have my "Jump Day" on Saturday.  18 months as a missionary!   And yes its true, the transfer is over this week, one down with Elder S-J.  Its been going by super quick... I guess.  Its all seems the same to me now.  We'll be staying the same, no surprises.  Sr. Vance will be going down to Guyane Française and Sr. Bailey will be replacing her.  Elder Peterson our zone leader is going to Martinique to be with Elder Lewis and Elder Telga the assistant is going to be our zone leader now (he's the missionary from Martinique) Its going to be super fun with him here!  He's only got 2 transfers left and he'll be going home, and then the Martinique branch will explode!

The terrorist attacks were a big deal here, just as I assume they were everywhere.  If people talk about anything it would be that, or carnival which is going on right now as you know... which reminds me.  Last night as we were driving through the city, everything was quiet and calm, when out of nowhere comes a parade of  kids playing drums and cracking whips. They turned the corner right in front of us.  We waited at the stop sign for maybe 2 minutes as they passed and then carried on our way.  Just another day on Guadeloupe!

We had some fun on Saturday when Fr. Abenzoar asked us to come clean up the church property. We were there for a good 2 and a half hour hacking at vines and trees with machetes, it was super fun, but I got some pretty gnarly blisters which made it hard to shake hands at church on Sunday. haha!

Friday night we got to do something really different.  David was invited to sing in a production for disabled kids about non-violence.  We got permission to go listen to his song and support him.  It was pretty cool. We need to get some lessons in with him though because we are a little behind if we want to make it to his baptismal date for the 24th.

I do know Elder Creech, he was the assistant while I was in Guyane and for the fist part in Martinique. That's interesting that dad's nurse knew him and he remembered me.  Say hello from me.  I only saw him three times or so, but he did cross the river to Suriname with me in the same canoe, which is definitely not something you just forget right?

I also finished translating the letter for Sr. Pommier, more like a novel really, but she loved it!  She wants to write you back so there might be something coming!

Well, I love all of you very much!  Thank you for your prayers!

avec amour,
Elder Call

Me and my machete.  "Cutting the grass" at the church's property

It was some serious hard work!

David's concert

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