Monday, September 9, 2013

The Best Two Years?

'ello bonjour!

Things are going alright down here! I'm finally getting settled into this whole new place and life, its been difficult but its getting better!  I had to cut my hair last week, well I didn't HAVE to but I did.  Its a lot shorter haha...

French is still pretty hard and its really hard to talk to people. But I think I'm getting better, I don't know haha. I haven't had to speak in church yet but I did get up and share my testimony on fast Sunday. They said I did everything right but I cant tell if they were just being nice. There a a couple of people at the branch that speak English. Like Frère Joseph who is a sailor from the English Guyana but is living here and now is making shoes(sandals) for a living. We went to his house to teach a lesson and I was able to teach in English, in other words, I was able to do something!! hahaha On the other hand went visited Frère Vivet who is a less active member, who surprisingly is white ( it caught me off guard when he answered the door) He reminded me of the Cope's because he is very long winded with a lot of stories. We were there for 3 hours, and I didn't understand any of it... So that was no fun but the best was when we taught Françesca! She is a referral from Frère official who is dating her. We were teaching her about the Book of Mormon and I understood most everything she said and could talk to her and answer questions and stuff, it was great!! She asked if the story of the Book of Mormon was mentioned in the Bible and I was able to open up in the Bible to the verse where Jesus tell of the "Other sheep I have that are not of this fold." and explain it. It was super cool.

On to your questions!!

So how are things going with your companion?

Honestly, its a lot like The Best Two Years haha its almost funny how close it is.  Because Elder Maoni is such a great teacher, but I feel like he just can't wait to go home.   I also think hes a little hesitant to do stuff because of how little success we get here.  But we're doing alright!

Do you get to do anything fun on p-day?

 Last week we didn't do much but this week we went on a bike ride then to a cool spot out on the ocean, which is just across the road from the city basically.  I think we are going to a beach after this I don't know.

How are the stores?  Are they all French?

The stores are very American-like.  They have a big Carrefour which is basically Walmart, and some other stores like that, its pretty modern stuff.  Something funny is that I keep hearing people say "chinois" and keep wondering why everyone is talking about Chinese people, turns out that's what they call these little gas station type stores, which are in fact run exclusively by Chinese people, its the only place you'll ever find Chinese people. haha

Have you made any good food?  What do you eat?

 I have yet to eat anything not American because I cook for myself all the time. I'm becoming a good cook! My spaghetti is quite spectacular if I do say so myself

Have you been fed by member?  If so what do you eat?


Did you find any new people to teach this week?

We've been looking through the area book to find old investigators.  We got a hold of 2 on the phone and are going to see them this week.

If you don't have referrals and can't tract, what do you do all day?

 Try to find members, less actives, or investigators, we do tract if there is nothing else.

Do you spend time studying in the morning?  What's your daily schedule?

We study for most of the morning.  Personal, companionship, and language, we eat lunch then head out and try to find people to teach for most the rest of the day.

We saw you used your debit card.  What did you buy?

I got a side bag for 7€ and the rest I haven't used but they told me its easier to have the money in cash because the cards here are different.

I've read there's a lot of counterfeit things there.  Have you seen much?

I haven't noticed anything yet, but I'll keep an eye out, wouldn't be surprised if my bag is haha

I've seen several pictures with 3 toed sloths!  Have you seen any of those?

No sloths but a lot of lizards running across the road, a lot that just weren't fast enough to make it all the way... they are pretty fast though, especially the ones that get in the house... haha

So is it just the 4 of you in your district?  Who's the district leader and the zone leader?

Just 4 in the whole country.  Elder Maoni is district leader and Elder Santos is Zone leader

Did you get malaria pills when you got there?  How are the mosquitoes?

 I didn't get anything like that.  The mosquitoes were bad at first but have kinda stopped biting now so that's always good.

Hows the heat?  Are you getting used to it yet?

Its so hot here... I'm used to being sweaty all the time now but it gets really ho, haha about the same as Oaxaca but everyone has a hundred fans in there house so its not so bad when we are inside.

You said you've driven to other cities.  Where have you gone?

We are technically in Baduel which is a suburb directly out of the city we are manly in the city and its outskirts.  We stay right there most of the time but I can't think of the names of the other places.

Do most of the members speak French?  I've heard it's quite diverse.

 Everyone I've seen speaks French a few understand and speak English which is nice haha

Do you need to learn French Creole?  Do a lot o people speak that?

 I don't think I need to but odds are I will pick some up like the others have. It'll be useful.

That's all I can write!  I love you all so much!!  I forgot my SD card reader so I can't get any pictures this week sorry!!!!  I didn't know we were going to write emails at this time but it happened... Next week I'll send some I promise!!!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

Apparently Elder Fraley was kind enough to let Braden use his card reader, so we did get some pictures after all!

 Self hair cut...Oh dear!

 I looked this up on Google Translate, and the only words it would translate was
"vicious dog!"

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