Monday, September 16, 2013

A lot of questions!

Bonjour ma Famille!!

Jordan has been line dancing?!  COUNTRY line dancing?!  Where's my brother and what have you done with him!  hahaha!  That's awesome!!  haha I didn't think people would change so much so soon haha!  I guess I was the only one keeping the family from going country!

The questions cover most everything so I'll just go to them!!

How has the week been?  Have you been busy?  Have you done anything interesting or fun?

Yeah we've had a lot of stuff but I don't feel like I'm really all that busy, sadly Elder Maoni is really slow in the morning.  But yesterday at church Elder Maoni was in another class because he had to teach a lesson, Elder Santos was teaching Sunday School but had to step out because a little kid was being really loud and disruptive and wouldn't stop unless he went out with him.  SO Elder Fraley and I were left alone in the room and had to teach the rest of the lesson, by ourselves, AND Elders Santos and Fraley had an investigator there.  It was so cool!!!  We took over and were talking, asking questions and everyone was all into it!  It was great!  haha  I still struggle with talking in our lessons with investigators but I still brave a quick testimony if that's all I can do.

I loved the pics last week!  I couldn't translate the whole sign though.  What did the bottom part say?

Haha It says basically "watch out, Evil Dog" haha I thought you would like that.

Are you eating healthy?  Are you eating any veggies and fruit?

I've impressed myself with how well I've been trying to eat!  Elder Maoni doesn't use veggies, ever, I bought a couple bags of frozen veggies that I will throw into stuff or eat along side every meal. The first day they gave us a huge lecture in orientation and I think it scared me straight haha!

Do you always cook for yourself or do you cook with Elder Maoni?

We switch off cooking every other day.  Elder Maoni doesn't branch out too much with his meals, he's got about three.  But I've been making some master pieces actually, Stir Fry, omelettes, pasta, and then I eat a baguette with nutella if I am ever hungry haha, I eat a lot of baguettes with nutella.

Does Elder Maoni speak English?  

Yeah he learned English when he spent some time in Barbados, 3 months I think, he's very fluent, but he's a native French speaker and his accent his different from everybody else, everyone has a different accent and that makes it hard. I think I'm getting better but I can't tell, some days its good, others not so much.

Did you get to teach Franchesca again this week?  Any other new investigators?

We talked to her but for only 10 minutes, she said she knew that the Book of Mormon talks of truth, which was super cool, its progress!  No other new investigators as of now.

Do you feel safe there?  How far is your apartment from the other Elders'?

I have never felt worried for my safety, we live in a complex maybe 5 to 10 minutes from the others, depending on traffic.

Do you have a church building or a rented place to meet?  How many people attend church each week?

We have a really nice church building actually!  We get a lot of the youth together and play volleyball there sometimes!  Our main focus is to keep our members because there aren't too many actives.  We have maybe 20 people that come to church each week.

How long has Elder Maoni been in FG?  How much longer does he have left on his mission?

It's his 3rd month in French Guiana and I think he has 6 months or so left.

Do you have any idea how long you'll be in French Guiana?  Do they leave missionaries is areas for a long time?

I honestly have no clue how long I will be here, it sounds like they try to get people to stay in areas for some time to get to know people and the area.  But its unpredictable for me the least I've heard is 3 months the longest I've heard is 1 year in an area so...

Do they have any patisseries or bistros there?  Have you had any yummy French pastries?

Apparently the way it goes is that we don't eat out until the end of the transfer so that we make sure we have enough money to last, I have seen some around though!

Did your converters work?

They work but they are huge haha everyone else has nice little one, I did have to buy another cord for my Ipod because I don't know what happened to mine, it was super expensive though, so I may wait some time to buy other things haha.

What do most of the people do there for work?

Well from what I can tell most people work in the shops and stores.  We aren't by the farmers and the more well off space station workers that much.

Do you have a washing machine?

Its in our apartment.

How are the members?  Has anyone fed you yet?

They are really pretty poor.  We did get fed by President D'Arbreu the other day!  It was good but all it was was meat rice and salsa, I've heard they eat a lot of meat here.  It was super good though!

When do you have zone conference?

We are going to Suriname on the 30th, I think, the last Monday of this month.

I love you so much and miss you!  Not enough to come home though, sorry;)
I love hearing from you!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

Last week for pday we went to the beach.  It's called Montjoly.  It was pretty dirty, so I wasn't tempted to jump in.

This is a picture of some trash that someone lit on fire outside their house.  I see that a lot hahaha. People just have stuff on fire by the road. Sometimes there's just a tree that someone cut down, lit on fire, and left, just on the side of the road and nobody cares.

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  1. Really enjoyed the post Tammy. Braden sounds so happy and ethusiastic!!