Monday, September 23, 2013

Our moms are friends!!

Bonjour ma famille!

Elder Fraley and I had a good laugh when we heard that our moms are best friends now!  We enjoyed telling everyone haha, we're also really bummed about missing all the Aggie games.  Too bad about the USC game, I hope it wasn't too bad.  It sounds like things are VERY different back home which is super weird, but I guess that's what happens when every guy leaves on a mission.

I almost started to tear up when you said you started reading the Book of Mormon everyday since I left!  Its so cool that your doing that!  As a mission we have a schedule to finish the whole book of Mormon every 2 transfers, I think?  Well we are supposed to finish it by around my birthday, the exact day I haven't memorized, sorry.  I actually taught a lesson about reading the scriptures LAST NIGHT.  Elder Maoni wasn't in a good mood so we didn't have anything planned when we went to go see the Barnet's.  After a couple awkward minutes I decided just to go for it and begin teaching.  I told all the kids to grab their scriptures and asked if they had been reading.  I then asked if they had been "studying" their scriptures.  I then, by myself, gave a whole lesson on how we can use the Scripture Guides to answer questions we have and that we can learn things for ourselves through reading and studying.  Elder Maoni didn't say a word and I felt great about the lesson! Also yesterday, I found out I had to teach Sunday School!  I had maybe 30 minutes to prepare and Elder Maoni disappeared right as it was about to start.  So I had to teach about free agency to 3 members and 4 or 5 investigators that were there, by myself!  Elder Santos helped me along with my French when I needed it, but mostly I had to get the people to talk and stay on topic. People here love to talk, the hard part is to get them to talk about what you want to talk about.  A lot of the time we go to a lesson and the person decides they want to teach us stuff, most of it false doctrine, or they go off on the most random stuff.  The worst is when its in Creole and I have no clue what they are saying, I get the main idea, but the details slip me.

Yeah, my hair is short, sadly that's the longest guard we have so... I'll have to figure something out I guess haha!

On to questions!

How was your week?  Did anything fun or exciting happen?

We had an exchange with the zone!  All 4 of us!  I went with Elder Santos and let me tell ya, we did a lot of work.  Haha it was great!  I was helpful in the lessons and explained both the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of Christ, I felt really good!

The package was sent last Tuesday.  Any word?

I got a message that it got here, I just need to go pick it up!

Do you do much service?  Maybe that's something you can do when you don't have anything else to do.

We haven't had to many opportunities, we changed a tire for one family haha but I don't think we have done much else, I'll see if we can get something going though!

What did you do last week for p-day?  Any fun plans for today?

Haha it was a muddy ride through the rain forest.  Right at the start it down poured big time!  It lasted maybe 5 minutes but the trail was a river!  I wish that I took a pictures of the trail but I didn't want to get my camera ruined, which probably would have happened, we were soaked!

So when is zone conference?  Is it the same time as transfers?

It turns out that we don't have a zone conference.  The President is just coming to French Guiana for, I'm not sure what exactly, maybe to talk with the Branch President and the rest of the branch. I really wanted to go to Suriname though... The transfer ends Oct. 6 I think.

How was church yesterday?  Did you have a lot of people there?  Do they have a piano and does someone play?  Maybe you should play!

There were quite a lot of people at church yesterday!  Yes there's a piano, yes someone can play, and no I don't plan on learning anytime soon ;)

How is the French?  Do you speak it with your comp?  Is it getting easier?

I try to speak as much French as I can, Elder Maoni speaks really fast and doesn't like to repeat himself so I miss a lot of whats going on haha.  But I can tell I'm getting a lot better at understanding

Sorry no time for more!  I think I got all the best ones already!

Love you all so much thanks for the emails and prayers!!!  I'll look for the letter that was sent but I still haven't gotten my letter to become legal in the country yet, and I think Elder Fraley got his about 2 weeks ago...

Talk to ya next week!
Avec Amour,
Elder Call

Pictures of our bike ride last week!

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