Monday, September 30, 2013

Splits with the members!

Bonjour ma famille!

This week was really interesting but I think I will cover most of it with the questions!

Something really exciting that happened this week was that we went on splits with some members this week.  I did NOT feel ready for that, but it went really well I think!  So me and Frère Official took the bikes and went to two rendez-vous while Elder Maoni and Amos went to two.  So basically I had to find my way around using only French and when I taught the lessons I didn't have Elder Maoni to do most of the talking, in fact I had to do most of the talking.  Frère Official was there to help me when I visited Eveline if I couldn't understand the Creole or she couldn't understand my French.  I can usually understand Creole, at least what they are talking about, but he really helped a lot.  Then after that all the other people I had plans to see or had set as back up plans weren't home, so Frère Official told me about of one of his friends that apparently had seen the missionaries once.  So I had to introduce to her most of what I was there to do, we call it "how to begin teaching" and I think I did OK.  I was able to get a next appointment so that's always good haha!

Right now Elder Fraley and I are chillin' together while the other two Elders are driving to pick up the President and his wife from the Suriname border.  He's doing a routine run around the islands and countries, which I really don't think happens too often.  I think he will talk with the Branch Pres., check up on the mission, he's giving a fireside at the church tomorrow, and other than that I really don't know.  But Elder Fraley and I are just going on exploring adventures and what not together, its great haha!  The two greenies left all alone to run around the country!

 I got the package! Thanks so much its awesome!  I didn't have to pay for it but they dropped a message on our mailbox and we had to drive a ways to DHL to pick it up, but there was another box of mission supplies we had to pick up there anyway so it worked great!  I picked it up last Monday!

The only real new investigator this week was Guerlin who was Frère Official's friend he told me about, but I felt good that I contacted her on my own.  I also street contacted this lady named Saint-Abin (something like that, not sure how to spell it) but we haven't gotten a chance to really talk to her yet.

We will watch conference this weekend but I'm not sure how its going to happen.  I'm really excited though!  I've heard conference is a lot cooler as a missionary!  And no I didn't hear that the priesthood session is going to be on TV, interesting.

I actually got fed a TON this week!  It was the best!  We got fed TWICE yesterday!  We broke our fast at Presidente D'Arbreu's house and also that night at Soeur Anthony's.  She's from Georgetown (Guyana) and has Indian ancestry, so she fed us some Indian food!  It was delicious! We had Roti with curried fish, man it was good... haha  She said she might teach us how to make it one day!  Also on Saturday I found out it was Elder Maoni's birthday and the Barnet's gave him a birthday party with cake and everything!  It was a pretty good week.

When was the last baptism in French Guiana?

I actually have never asked and now I really want to know... I'm going to ask when the others get back, remind me next week!

I know there used to be a branch in Kourou that was closed.  Are there members that live far away, and are they able to come to Cayenne for church?

Sadly there are members that just can't come to church.  There isn't much we can do and its a big worry here, they are outside our mission bounds and there isn't a church that they can go to, so they are just on there own for now and its really sad.

I have read my patriarchal blessing a lot and the part that really struck out to me at this time is when it talks about prayer and how there will come a time where the Lord is the only one I can turn to.  I feel like that has come true already and I really have been praying a lot and I've received so much help from my Savior I can't even express all of it.  I read Mosiah 24 the other day for our reading schedule and it talked about the burdens of the people being lightened by the Savior because of their constant prayers.  Their burden was never removed but it was made light afin qu'ils could lift it.

I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you again!  I loved the picture of Bri in the convertible haha!  I'm sure she will remember that forever and she'll still be talking about it when I get back haha!  Which is weird thinking that I've already been out for about 4 months! Crazyness! in a month or so I'll be about 1/4 done!  What the?!  haha its going fast!  My first transfer ends next week and we find out on Friday if anyone is flying out or stickin' around!

Sadly...I think he's calculated wrong.  He's almost been out for 3 months!  Seems like 4 months to me though!!

I love you all!  Make sure pepper doesn't hit too many walls, maybe she needs one of those walking sticks for the blind!

Avec amour,
Elder Call

Eating a Star Apple

Elder Maoni's birthday party at the Barnet's

A dead fish Elder Fraley and I found on the beach during our exploration today

A monkey on a wire

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