Monday, September 2, 2013

First week in French Guiana!

Bonjour ma famille!

I'm going to answer your questions first to make sure I get them.  This keyboard is all messed up so I'm having a rough time writing.  I'm so sorry I forgot my card reader to put pictures on, but I'll see if I can figure something out! This week I have had more happen to me in the last 7 days then I ever have before!  I've been to about 6 countries in 4 days, taught a lesson (sat through a lesson in Spanish) and used my magic trick haha! And learned how to drive a stick shift, hopefully I get to all of it!!

Trinidad is weird... Immigration was crazy, they gave us money to bribe our way in just in case, they called it an "immigration tax" but they just randomly made some of us fill out a form and pay 65 dollars.  None of the French Elders had to pay it because we were leaving in two days. Most of the the English Elders had to pay but it was random... We went straight to this super nice bed and breakfast that night. In the morning we got picked up by the APs and taken to the mission home for orientation, most of which doesn't even apply to me because I'm on the French side haha, but it was good.  The next day at 2:30 Elder Lewis and I split because he is going to Guadeloupe and flying out later.  Elder Lever and Fraley left with me.  We hopped on a  two propeller plane and took off with HOPES that we got to where we were headed, because apparently they just do what they want.  Elder Lewis was told that his flight was famous for stopping in random places and sometimes not even making it to Guadeloupe, and the airlines just pays for a hotel for them... I'm not sure if he made it or not, you'll have to find out haha.  Our plane decided to stop in Grenada, then to Barbados.  We had to get off the plane, go through security, then back on the same plane, then we flew to Martinique.  That's where we left Elder Lever.  We spent an hour with the Jenkins, a senior couple that used to be in French Guiana, but were removed because of poor success. Then we went to the airport and waited ? hours before we got bumped from our flight.  We stayed the night with two Elders in Martinique, Sosa and Russel.  We joined them for a lesson and Elder Sosa taught it in Spanish, so I couldn't do anything haha.  There was this super crazy kid that kept distracting them so I used my magic trick to keep him busy so they could teach, it worked like a charm!!  We then flew here in the morning!  It's great here, but honestly, Martinique was beautiful... They say I most likely will go there sometime...

The reason it said on my flight plan that I was going to Martinique was to make it easier to get through Trinidad Immigration. Our zone will travel to Suriname for zone conference.  We get to take a canoe there, because there aren't any roads that cross the river!  French Guiana is an isolated country.  The president never comes here to visit us because it's so far out of the way and there are only 4 of us here, and like I said, they moved the senior couple out.

I'm in the capitol city of Cayenne.  My collège is named Elder Maoni but that's the best I could spell it in my last email.  There are only 4 missionaries in all of French Guiana.  There is just one branch in the whole country and it's in Cayenne.  We split it into east and west, I have the west. The city of Cayenne reminds me a lot of Oaxaca, except it's a bit nicer I think and all of the signs are in French.  It has a central park like Oaxaca did as well.

My apartment is a lot better than what Jordan had, and it's crazy hot, I'm always sweating. Members never really feed us so we cook all the time mostly.

We don't tract too often because the people hardly ever talk to us.  We are pretty reliant on referrals right now but we don't get much or any...  We do have some investigators but they are very reluctant to make appointments.  We did visit one family, the Sermons, they are investigators. Sis. Sermon is blind and stays on a hospital bed set up in their shack and they only speak Creole, so I'm kinda no help haha.  I can understand them but they have no clue what I am saying haha.

My address is:

Elder Call
Bat.E No.2 Res.Pont Maggi Rt. de Baduel
Cayenne 97300
French Guiana

Not sure how well mail works but there's one way to find out! haha

I don't have anymore time but I love all of you!
I answer more next week!!!
Elder Call

 Elders arriving in Trinidad

It's SOOO hot here!

 The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Trinidad

Leaving Trinidad

Big yellow M for Martinique

Very rainy in Martinique

 Center park in Cayenne, French Guiana

 My new apartment
(Jordan took a picture just like this of his first apartment!  You're awesome Braden!)

Elder Maoni

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